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The year 2022 comes with a rather soft bang. JBL’s newest batch of wireless speakers will soon be available for purchase in the market. The release of many high-quality speakers in the previous year was perhaps the fuel for JBL releasing their new batches that may be better than the previous ones. JBL kickstarts 2022 with their latest wireless speakers ready to blast us off of our seats! JBL shows up at the CES 2022 with their wireless speakers and true wireless earbuds, as well. In this blog, we’ll show you JBL’s portable speakers for the year 2022.

JBL PartyBox Encore and Encore Essential

JBL’s new PartyBox Encore is available in the Summer of 2022 for $400, while the Encore Essential will cost you $300 and is available this coming March 2022. Both speakers (Encore and Encore Essential) offer 100 watts of power output and have a Lightshow feature. Encore and Encore Essential are also waterproof with a water resistance of IPX4—making them able to withstand splashes and sprinkles of water. The speakers’ Bluetooth connectivity is 5.1, promising seamless pairing with no audio delay. An app comes with the speaker to pair with another speaker of the same kind from the same brand. The app is called “JBL PartyBox.” This app can scan the area for nearby JBL PartyBox speakers and pairs at max two speakers together for double the fun!

What’s new about JBL’s wireless speaker is that the PartyBox Encore has wireless microphones while the Encore Essential doesn’t. The PartyBox Encore can last up to 10 hours, whereas Encore Essential can only give you, at max, 6 hours.

JBL Pulse 5

Available in the Summer of 2022, JBL Pulse 5’s redesign and revamp will cost you about $250 in the market. The redesign features a better display with a larger passive radiator plus another tweeter. The JBL Pulse 5 also features a sub-woofer whose main role is to enhance the low-frequency sound to deliver the best version of your music. What’s more is that not only is the JBL Pulse 5 dustproof, it’s also waterproof with an IPX67 water-resistance rating! JBL Pulse 5 not only withstands sprinkles of water or drizzles of rain but can survive dropping a meter underwater. So long as it doesn’t stay underwater for too long, of course.

With the redesign comes the appearance of the LED lights that fully cover the speaker’s body. The pulsating of these lights are customizable to match whatever song you’re playing. JBL Pulse packs a total of 12 hours of playtime and can pair with up to two devices. You can also pair this speaker with another JBL speaker as long as JBL’s app can detect the said speaker.

JBL Boombox 3

JBL Boombox 3’s release is in the Summer of 2022. So far, most of JBL’s new wireless speakers’ release is in Summer. The JBL Boombox 3 will be available for $500 in the market. Quite a price. One thing that’s easily noticeable with the speaker’s redesign is its sleeker and trendier handle. There’s also a racetrack-shaped subwoofer with a 3-way speaker system. JBL also says that the new JBL Boombox 3 has deeper bass and is richer in all aspects of music. The speaker’s dustproof and waterproof rating has also dramatically increased to IP67!

As per the old design, you still get 24 hours of playtime with the new design and pair with up to two devices. You can still use the JBL Boombox 3 as a power bank, as well. It is best to consider that this can affect the speaker’s battery life.

JBL PassPro Go (with car kit or wall charger)

JBL PassPro Go will be in the market in Summer 2022 for $550. There’ll be an additional $100 for the car kit or wall charger in case you’ll need that. The speaker measures 8 inches and can fit both in your car or home. There are only 8 hours of playtime, though, so the JBL PassPro Go is ideal for short drives. Its waterproof and dustproof rating of IPX5 is just right for it to withstand drizzles of rain and accidental splashes of water.

JBL Wind 3 and Wind 3S

Both JBL Wind 3 and 3S will be in the market in June 2022. JBL Wind 3 costs only $80 and the 3S for $70. Both are small compared to JBL’s PassPro Go and Boombox 3 but still pack powerful sound. The JBL Wind 3 and 3s are bicycle-friendly for our bikers who like exploring the mountainous regions or simply paddling their way to work or school. Both speakers pack a total of 5 hours of battery life with a waterproof rating of IP67. Surely, the 5 hours battery life may not be satisfactory to many, and we are unsure why JBL lessened this version’s hours of playtime. It’s also good to know that, like the other speakers, the JBL Wind 3 and 3s have a hands-free calling option to make it easier when your hands are fully maneuvering your bicycle.


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