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There are different types of speakers that we see in the market nowadays. The most popular brands commonly showcase soundbars: triangular-shaped speakers and even ones with big subwoofers. Even a speaker resembles a lantern, which taps into the retro souls. Victrola Premiere V1 is a speaker that taps into your retro-soul and gives the vibe of the period long ago.

Victrola Premiere V1 has quite a unique structure that it’s pleasing to the eyes. You can play your Vinyl CDs and even use Bluetooth with them! If you’ve always been a lover of Vinyl records and such, Victrola Premiere will soothe your needs.

So, let’s take a look at this speaker piece by piece and decide whether it’s worth adding to your collection or just good for display.

Victrola Premiere V1: DESIGN

The Victrola Premiere V1 takes the form of a turntable. The manufacturing of this speaker includes the experts in these devices and a turntable manufacturer with ten years of experience.

The speaker has built-in stereo speakers with a subwoofer that measures 6.5 inches. The speaker itself is close to the size of a real vinyl record back in the olden times. The subwoofer matches the size, as well. Victrola Premier V1’s belt-drive turntable rotates 45rpm at max, with a silicone slip mat on top of a metal platter. You can also find an anti-skate with a custom aluminum tonearm. The counterweight is also adjustable with a moving-magnet phono cartridge.

No worries about the platter and tonearm absorbing dust when on standby or simply not in use because there is a dust cover on them. Note that these speakers—the turntable and its subwoofer are wireless. You can find the controls on the side of the turntable, where you can activate Bluetooth.

Victrola Premiere V1: FEATURES

The turntable has what you expect from the old vinyl players back then. You can put your record on and let the speaker play it, or better yet, pair it with your device so you can play songs from your phone or Spotify. The Victrola Premier V1’s Bluetooth connectivity is satisfyingly smooth, without worrying about the audio delay. Although the speakers aren’t dustproof nor waterproof, the turntable’s platter has a dust cover, so you can easily lift the lid when you want to play a vinyl record.

Aside from Bluetooth controls, you also get a remote with your speakers. It makes it easier to toggle between songs or pause/play it whenever you like. Although you can do the same thing with Bluetooth with the same level of convenience, the remote adds to the “medieval” vibe the speakers have going on.

The Bluetooth connectivity allows the turntable to pair with the subwoofer for a better audio experience.

Victrola Premiere V1: SOUND

The Victrola Premiere V1 has a good sound quality, especially its volume. It may be due to the subwoofer that comes with purchasing the speaker, but either way, the Victrola Premiere V1 is ideal for house parties. You can amp up the volume and expect to hear the music even when you’re in the backyard or the front yard. Of course, you can position the speakers at home to easily hear the music playing wherever you are, but the volume is still formidable.

There’s also the fact that no matter how high the volume is, it doesn’t risk the balance between the bass and treble. Instead, it boosts the songs’ aspects and enhances them. Rock music sounds good with the speakers, although it may feel like a fish out of water with the design of the speakers—especially the turntable. Classical music hits different when playing it through Victrola Premiere V1 because it completely brings out the vibe from the Victorian era.

Victrola Premiere V1: PRICE and VERDICT

The Victrola Premier V1’s availability in stores nationwide is unclear. The prices, though, are. If you buy the Victrola Premiere V1 with the subwoofer and turntable as a pair, it’ll cost you $499.99. Whereas, if you want just the turntable or the subwoofer, any of the two costs $299.99. It’s more likely that you can save up if you buy them as a pair than buying them separately.


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