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Sure, you’ve seen lots of wireless speakers of different forms and designs. But the new wireless speaker from Master & Dynamic isn’t the typical wireless speaker you see on the market. The Master & Dynamic MA770 wireless speaker is a speaker that’s made of concrete! Yes, concrete, that construction material for building houses.

The Master & Dynamic MA770 wireless speaker is the first speaker from the company, and they didn’t take it lightly. It weighs 35 pounds, so it’s not as portable as you think it is since it’s wireless. Its dimensions are 16 x 20 x 10 inches. It’s meant to stay in your home and give you an awesome audio experience. The speaker with a housing of a molded piece of concrete is made in partnership with the architect, David Adjaye.

Looking at the speaker’s design, it looks like a sculpture with its angular and sloping design. The front part looks like a typical square. But when viewed at an angle, you can notice a large base that slopes upward which goes thinner on the upper section. When you’re looking at the back part, you can see an angular shape with a tiny rear opening.

The front of the MA770 holds controls for power, volume and source input with a metal grill protection that magnets the base which you can optionally remove if you prefer a cleaner look.

Why did the company use concrete? They explained that the propriety concrete material provides less resonance with a higher dampening of vibrations compared to wood or plastic. It helps provide a more authentic sound while making sure you have a robust wireless speaker that lasts for a long time.

The Master & Dynamic MA770 wireless speaker comes with two Kevlar woofers (4 inches each) and a titanium tweeter (1.5 inches). It’s powered by a 100-watt class D amp.

So you can expect a booming audio production with this concrete wireless speaker.

When it comes to wireless connectivity, the Master & Dynamic MA770 wireless speaker is built with Chromecast and Bluetooth. For non-Bluetooth audio sources, you can use the wired auxiliary input. The Master & Dynamic has claimed that this is the first wireless speaker that utilizes multi-room audio for stereo pairing.

The Master & Dynamic MA770 wireless speaker is ready for shipment by June 23 for a cost of $1,800.00. It’s also ready for pre-ordering.


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