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Xbox is a household name, one that can compete with the gaming and entertainment industry. It has developed, housed and partnered with the best in the gaming industry. Xbox has partnered with Razer, Astro, Plantronics and Turtle Beach for their wired audio accessories.

Now, Xbox has made a massive leap with their audio and entertainment gear. They’ve recently joined the Wireless Speaker and Audio Association, in the hopes of making another milestone in the gaming industry while ramping up their game.

This pairing may seem odd, but it makes perfect sense because WiSA is an organization that aims to bring high-res and wireless multichannel audio products into the home theater market. WiSA currently has more than 30 members and partner brands signed up and actively working to develop the world of wireless audio.

Why is the partnership a significant benefit?

Gamers, enthusiasts, and casual users know that Xbox unveiled the Xbox One X – the most powerful and with advanced specs console up to date. This partnership could also entice other audio brands looking to tie their products into a source of content wirelessly. It’s also an added benefit for Xbox as it explores options in creating an incredibly captivating and engaging gaming experience through wireless audio solutions. By bringing Xbox as one of the leading video game brands under the WiSA organization, WiSA gives Xbox and the company’s members direct access to the team and vice versa.

In incorporating WiSA’s technology on their consoles, Xbox has the opportunity to open up an entirely new experience of wireless audio for gamers.

This partnership allows Xbox to create a wireless audio system that accommodates their needs and can improve over time of research and development.

This partnership with WiSA could be a stepping stone to higher and advanced wireless audio solutions. WiSA allows the possibility of a simple-setup wireless sound solution that’s versatile to any space and has a wide range of products.

WiSA has interoperability, which means that they have the ability of computer systems or software to exchange and make use of information. This capability allows users to “feel assured” that all WiSA certified components from all brands under them would work seamlessly with one another.

WiSA-certified products guarantee users that multi-channel setups will flow with low latency. Sound reproduction will come as crisp and clear as what’s intended and guaranteed.

Indeed Xbox’s partnership with WiSA is a wise move by both companies. They’re creating a world-class experience for gamers worldwide. What an excellent day to be a gamer, indeed.


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