Xiaomi has been making its presence known in the field of smartphones. So far, their phones have been considered “bang for the buck” as the specs are impressive despite the low price. Xiaomi doesn’t stop there. This time, they have their soundbar 3.1ch to throw into the market to compete with other popular brands.

Xiaomi took the world by storm with their smartphones that are too good to be true–will they be doing the same with their other products? Unfortunately, the soundbar is only available in Spain, and even there, it’s currently out of stock. But we have here a quick review of the soundbar’s design, features, and sound quality.

Xiaomi Soundbar 3.1ch: DESIGN

Xiaomi Soundbar 3.1ch looks classy with its soundbar and wireless woofer combo. Yes, the brand’s woofer is wireless–which already puts it an advantage against other soundbar-woofer combos in the market.

The soundbar measures 86cm x 11.5cm x 6cm, whereas the woofer measures 21cm x 29.7cm x 37cm. The Soundbar 3.1ch holds the HDMI, coaxial, USB, and optical ports. A dot-matrix OLED display also shows you the soundbar’s active input, battery life, connectivity mode, and volume.

It’s easy to set the soundbar and woofer in place, especially with how sleek their designs are. They don’t try too hard to stand out, nor do the speakers have a low presence. Both are noticeable enough to praise the neatness it provides when setting up your living room.

Xiaomi Soundbar 3.1ch: FEATURES and SOUND QUALITY

The Xiaomi Soundbar 3.1ch features a 5.0 Bluetooth connectivity for smartphones, iPads, and TVs–promising you seamless pairing without audio delay. There’s also NFC Technology present, where you only need to hover your phone anywhere near the soundbar, and the device will recognise your smartphone. Aside from that, the soundbar and woofer also come with remote control for more convenient access to the devices.

The speaker also houses 430W of power, with the soundbar taking 180W and the woofer handling the remaining 250W. The soundbar also supports Dolby Audio and DTS Virtual: X.

What makes people look forward to the worldwide release of the Xiaomi Soundbar 3.1ch are the audio modes that the device features. First is the AI Sound Mode; when enabled, it automatically adjusts to the audio of whatever is playing to bring out the best of its elements. There’s no need to try and toggle with the EQ settings to match your preferences when watching a movie or streaming music.

Next is the Night Mode that automatically adjusts the mellow vibe of the movie you’re watching so that the audio doesn’t surprise anybody awake. The soundbar and woofer alike do their best to enclose the audio of explosions or screaming without sounding muffled.

The soundbar has multiple audio ports, giving you more freedom to use it on your TV or PC for watching or gaming purposes.

The speaker sounds good, especially in AI Sound Mode. The movie sounds great, and the dialogues don’t sound forced or muffled at all. Plus, the sound effects and background noise are well-enhanced by the speakers. The same goes for when you’re casually streaming music. It makes you dance to the beat and fill the air with excitement and good vibes.

Xiaomi Soundbar 3.1ch: PRICE and VERDICT

The Xiaomi Soundbar 3.1ch, unfortunately, is only available in Xiaomi Spain for €279–which converts to $316.93. As of the moment, there is only one colour available, and it’s black. There’s no official announcement yet about when it will be released worldwide for everyone to enjoy. That said, loyal Xiaomi users might want to give this one a shot–especially with the Xiaomi smartphones garnering positive feedback one after another.

While there are cheaper alternatives for a soundbar, the Xiaomi Soundbar 3.1ch, for its price, is a bang for the buck. It comes with a woofer and remote control, even. The soundbar also offers you audio modes that best suit the activity you’re doing.