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The 4 Best Wireless Ceiling Speakers

The market has a wide selection of wireless speakers to choose from. One type of speaker that you can buy is the wireless ceiling speaker. Thanks to the new technology, installing ceiling speakers is now hassle-free. You don’t need to deal with pesky wires on the ceiling and walls.

It can be a little challenging when you’re not an expert on these types of speakers. Some units don’t assure good sound quality.

You don’t want to invest in an audio device that you end up hating, right? A smart way for you to do before purchasing a ceiling speaker is to research about wireless ceiling speakers.

You might try to consider our list of the best wireless Bluetooth ceiling speakers.

1. Polk Audio RC8Oi

This wireless ceiling speaker is equipped with an 8-inch dynamic subwoofer and a 1-inch dome tweeter. These speakers allow sound to be distributed in the entire room. It also has an adjustable 15-degree revolving tweeter. This feature allows you to choose the desired direction of the sound.

Aside from its durability, the Polk Audio RC8Oi is also moisture-resistant.

The $130 RC8Oi is very easy to install. It has holes where you can easily position and mount the wireless speaker on the ceiling. If you want this speaker to be noticeable, this product also comes in a white-colored design.

2. Klipsch CDT-5650-C II

Audio devices from Klipsch is known to be premium speakers, wireless or not. Wireless speakers from Klipsch are specially designed to produce excellent sound quality. These speakers can be expensive. But you’ll not go home disappointed if you purchase Klipsch speakers because of their awesome features.

The Klipsch CDT-5650-C II is equipped with a special feature called Controlled Dispersion Technology (CDT). This allows the user to direct both high and low frequencies in different directions. The two-way system is also composed of a 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter that lets you produce powerful sounds.

The Klipsch CDT-5650-C II has a 6.5-inch subwoofer with 50 watts of power.
Even at maximum volume, this wireless ceiling speaker can get extremely loud but with minimal distortion.
The CDT-5650-C II wireless speaker works best when paired with other complementary devices like the Klipsch IK-650-C installation kit. This sound system is available on the market for $298.

3. Pyle PDIC6OT

This two-way wireless speaker is capable of wall and ceiling installation.

The Pyle PDIC6OT is designed with a 6.5-inch and an 8-Ohm woofer. This feature allows the wireless speaker to produce excellent sound quality. It’s cheaper compared to other wireless ceiling speakers. The Pyle PDIC6OT is also ideal for expanding your home theater system.

The two 6.5 inch speakers include a one-inch titanium dome tweeter. This unit also comes with a flush mount for the ceiling installment. The PDIC6OT has a 70-volt transformer. It helps the unit to handle electricity more smoothly.

The bass quality of this wireless ceiling speaker is surprisingly good. You can listen to bass-rich audio at a maximum volume level without distortion. This speaker is uniquely designed to blend with your surroundings in a very elegant manner.

4. Bose 742898-0200

Bose wireless speakers are a great combination of looks and performance. This $449 elegant wireless ceiling speaker has a 5-inch woofer and two well-positioned 3/4-inch tweeters that can produce an excellent audio performance.

The Bose 742898-0200 is covered with grilles which makes it paintable. You can change the color of the speaker to match the color of the ceiling.

These wireless ceiling speakers are great ways to expand your existing home sound system. Your audio experience is leveled up to with these wireless ceiling speakers.

Your Guide To The Best Wireless Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers

RankImageSpeakerPriceRatingFind Lowest Price
#1Polk Audio RC8OiPolk Audio RC8Oi$$$9.2
#2Klipsch CDT-5650-C II<br /> Klipsch CDT-5650-C II
#3Pyle PDIC6OTPyle PDIC6OT$$$10.0
#4Bose 742898-0200Bose 742898-0200$$$10.0

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