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How to Convert Wired Speakers to Wireless

How to Convert Wired Speakers to Wireless

Most older home audio speaker systems are units that were costly years back when they first came out. Once wouldn’t want to just completely replace the wired speaker system to wireless without trying to reconfigure the sound in a makeshift way. With proper care, wired speakers can be huge investments that can last for years. But with streaming music solutions such as Pandora and Spotify, the demand for wireless has become almost crucial for anyone looking to showcase their house with great sound.

Sometimes spending more money isn’t always the answer to upgrading things. In the case of turning a wired speaker into a wireless sound system, all you really need is a bluetooth adapter. With the wide variety of adapters out there, you can simply pick one up and connect the dots to begin listing to wireless sound.

image on how to convert wired speakers to wireless You may possess speakers that only work with the use of wires. With the availability of various streaming music services, you may feel outdated with your old audio devices and want to make your wired speakers wireless. After reading this article, you will easily be able to convert your wired speakers to wireless speakers. Wired connectivity is slowly becoming a thing of the past, and so is your speaker especially if it lacks any wireless connectivity features.

Don’t Throw Wired Speakers Away, Convert Them to Wireless Speakers

Unless you’re an extreme audiophile, you don’t need to spend to replace your old speaker system just to fit the trend. All you need is a wireless speaker kit. By turning wired speakers into wireless, you will be able to be more mobile and bring your sound anywhere you like.

Bluetooth technology contributes significantly to the wireless capability of audio devices. The use of wireless speaker kits eased the hearts of consumers who want to preserve their old gadgets but still want to enjoy wireless music experience. .

But here’s a hard fact that you need to know. Since most wired speakers don’t have features that can directly convert these gadgets into wireless audio devices, you may have to link an amplifier to your speaker using RCA cables or other wires.

Convert Wired Speakers to Wireless

The reason why this setup is considered ‘wireless’ is that the speakers aren’t connected directly to the audio source. What actually happens here is that audio signals travel through the air from the surround-sound television or music stereo, through the transmitter, to the AV receiver, and then to the speaker.

So, this whole setup isn’t entirely wire-free per se.
If you need a step-by-step procedure on how to use a wireless speaker kit to make your gadgets work wirelessly, our help is just right here. Read on to know how to convert wired speakers to wireless audio devices easily.
Note: These easy procedure steps work for surround-sound television setups and music-only stereos.

Can You Make Wired Speakers Wireless?

Converting wired speakers to wireless is a pretty straightforward process. Let us show you how you can save money by bringing your speakers up with the times.

Follow these steps below to convert speakers to wireless.

How to Convert Existing Speakers to Wireless Speakers

Step 1: Purchase a wireless speaker kit

There are various wireless speaker available on the market. The most commonly used wireless speaker kits are Bluetooth adapters. Costs for these devices range from inexpensive to expensive versions. You may expect good quality from high-priced wireless speaker kits and mediocre performance from those cheaper ones. However, the setup method of these wireless speaker kits is most likely the same. It’s important to note that most all wireless speaker conversion kits aren’t actually wireless, they come with wires.

image of wireless speaker kit The reason for the actual wires is that wired speakers don’t have real amplifiers and a wireless signal through bluetooth cannot pass the music amplitude to the actual speaker. So in order to convert wired speakers to wireless, you need to add an amplifier to the wired speaker. And to top this off, the amplifier on the wired speaker will need to be plugged into the wall for power. You got to really look at the converter kit as well because many of these kits will only connect 2 speakers ( left and right ) stereo. Wireless convertor manufacturers actually stat that their products are wireless because the speakers aren’t in theory connected to the source of sound. The signal will truly travel wirelessly through to the amplifier.

Step 2: Connect an amplifier

Most old speakers don’t have amplifiers in them. You need an amplifier because wireless signals alone can’t provide the necessary amplification to produce sound from your speakers.

So if you’ve acquired an amplifier, do these two simple steps:

1. Plug the amplifier into a power source.
2. Connect the amplifier to your speaker using RCA cables or other wires.

Note: These kits only connect two speakers (left and right for stereo), and the two speakers must also be connected so that both speakers will work afterward.

Most wireless speaker kits come with three main audio parts: a transmitter and two receivers, along with AC adapters and wires for each adapter.

We continue our wireless setup using these audio pieces.

Step 3: Connect the transmitter

Link the transmitter to your sound-system amplifier using the cables that included in the wireless speaker kit.

Plug the cable provided in the kit to the ‘Out or Stereo Out‘ port on the back of your sound system. Then, link the other end into the transmitter.

Next, plug the AC adapter into a power source and the other end, into the transmitter. Disconnect speaker wires that lead to the speakers you wish to make wireless.

Step 4: Connect the two receivers

Remove existing speaker wires from one of the audio devices. Then, use one of the receiver cables included in the kit to connect the receiver and speaker.

Next, connect the AC adapter cables by plugging one end into a power source and the other wire into the back of the receiver. You’ll notice that the power light on the receiver flashes on and starts blinking.

Repeat the procedure above for the other speaker. Use the remaining cable to connect the two receivers.

Step 5: Turn on your wired speaker system

Listen to your speaker system carefully to

make sure that sound reproduces from the speakers.

Check the lights on the receivers. The indicator light should be steady and shouldn’t be blinking by then. This means that the speakers are receiving wireless signals.

We hope these steps help you convert your devices into a ‘wireless’ setup. Now, you can enjoy wireless music listening without the need of purchasing wireless speakers.

Watch this video below to learn how to convert wired speakers to wireless

If you are more of a video learner, we have provided you video content to help you connect your wired speakers to wireless.

Converting Wired Speakers to Wireless is Easy To Do

Top Wired Speaker Convertors to Wireless Speakers

1. Amphony Speaker Convertor Set
2. Infinity Speaker Convertor Set
3. SonicQ Speaker Convertor Set
4. Appearance Speaker Convertor Set
5 Bluetooth Music Speaker Convertor Set

image on how to convert wired speaker to wireless

While the process of wired to wireless conversions might look difficult, it is actually quite easy. If you have a bigger set of wired speakers, you may not need to have them be wireless. If they are stationary in your house or garage and you simply want them to serve a simple purpose, then they don’t need to be converted to wireless. However, if you want to upgrade those speakers to wireless and get better use out of them, we recommend you do so as quick as possible. Thanks for reading our article on how to convert wired speakers to wireless.

Best Wireless Smart Speakers

It’s no news how smart speakers get better over the years. There’s Alexa, Google Assistant, Cortana, and Siri. With all these artificial intelligence and all the leading models of smart speakers, there’s no doubt why you landed on this article. Choosing the best wireless smart speakers isn’t an easy-peasy task.

You can play music with smart speakers. Talking to them is also one of the highlights. Among all the top-rated choices, you might be asking yourself what’s the best among them. That’s why we’re here, laying down the best smart speakers based on various criteria.

Best Wireless Smart Speakers





This 2nd-generation version of Amazon Echo Dot has an improved listening experience. It’s smaller and more attractive model can be yours at a more competitive price.

Have your model and choose among the texture variants for its outer skin. If all you want is a smart wireless speaker that gives you all, you just found it.





If you’re placing your bets on the smart speaker with the best value, you can’t go wrong with choosing the Amazon Echo Dot. What does it mean if it’s with the ‘best value?’ It means that you get a supreme performing smart speaker at a reasonable price.

With just $50, you’ll have a smart speaker that’s comparable to Alexa. No worries about having a better sounding audio performance. The Amazon Echo Dot goes with Bluetooth and a 3.5mm jack. You have the freedom to connect it with a bigger speaker.

Place the Amazon Echo Dot in places where you’d most likely have Alexa. May it be the kitchen or the living room. Your choice.





Are you aiming for the supreme sounding smart speaker? It must be the Sonos One that you’re missing.

If you’re familiar with the supremacy of the Play: One in audio performance, this is its smart speaker version. Imagine the bounds Sonos One exceeds.

Like many other Sonos devices, you can link more Sonos devices for a whole new home audio experience. Add more bucks, and you get to enjoy your Sonos One with Spotify!


4. JBL LINK 20



Portability is also a big factor in voting for the best smart speakers. This battery-powered smart speaker reaches beyond the limits of wired smart speakers.

If you want to speak with the JBL Link 20 while you’re in the basement, backyard or even the attic (who knows where), you can. Have the assistance that you need wherever you’re in your home. Don’t worry about the sprinklers accidentally wetting your JBL Link 20. It’s water-resistant. Swimming in the water for 30 minutes is safe.




The moment Google Home entered the arena of smart speakers, its design took the market by storm.

This smart speaker has been bluntly compared to a ‘vase’ or ‘air freshener.’ It may be a frank comparison, but this might have been where the strength in design comes in.

The simple yet classy design of the Google Home lets it fit anywhere you want it to be. Put it on your tabletop, and it won’t clutter the space around it. It easily blends as its color is neutral.

The Google Home also transcends the physical greatness as it performs better than the Echo when it comes to the audio quality. It also comes cheaper than the Echo. You may also control over Chromecast-enabled devices like the TVs. Its strong competitor, Alexa can’t do it.





Apple’s ace player on this competition of smart speakers also performs well with its audio quality. All thanks to its beamforming technology, this smart speaker does well in adjusting its audio according to the space it’s in.

Siri doesn’t do well compared to its ever smart competitors, Google Assistant and Alexa, but it sure deserves a spot on this list.





  • Speakers: One 40mm driver
  • Ports: MicroUSB (power)
  • Connections: 802.11ac (2.4/5GHz) Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
  • Size: 3.9 (diameter) x 1.7 inches

When it comes to going head to head with smart speakers, Google Home Mini is still in the running for performing well. It’s direct counterpart, the Echo Dot, is the underdog when it comes to superior audio performance.

Take note that the Google Home Mini isn’t built for feeding your audiophile goals. Don’t worry because you may still achieve a better audio experience once you connect this model to Chromecast devices. Enjoy your favorite mix through your TV or bigger speakers with the liberty of speaking to your Google Home Mini.




Make big way for the grandiose of Google Home Max. Expect impressive sound quality once you use it to play your type of mix. Fill your big living room with the supreme sounding smart speaker.

One Google Home Max may perform as good as two Sonos Ones when playing music. Place your bets well.





Good news for those who own an Echo Dot. This smart speaker can work well as a great sounding portable speaker once you slip the Dot into the Vaux. How does it work? The Vaux has a battery that can power the Dot for approximately 6 hours. Enjoy loud and crisp treble with the duo’s audio performance.




Fabriq also has a good reputation when it comes producing good smart speakers. You may choose from a variety of colorful skins. When it comes to its audio performance, good bass for such a small speaker is plausible.
The game of wireless smart speakers can be tricky. The audio quality, the design, the price and the kind of AI are all important aspects to consider.

If you need a smart speaker that can accompany you on your outdoor agenda, consider the more portable options.

The key to choosing the best brand and model is to know where and how you’ll be using it. Smart speakers are designed to make some tasks easier for you to do. Choose among best wireless smart speakers listed above and see for yourself.

Your Guide To The Best Wireless Smart Speakers

RankImageSpeakerPriceRatingFind Lowest Price
#1Amazon Echo Dot (2ND GEN)Amazon Echo Dot (2ND GEN)$$8.8
#2Amazon Echo DotAmazon Echo Dot$$8.8
#3SONOS OneSONOS One$$$8.4
#4JBL Link 20JBL Link 20$$8.0
#5Google HomeGoogle Home$$$8.6
#6Apple HomepodApple Homepod$$8.5
#7Google Home MiniGoogle Home Mini$$$8.7
#8Google Home MaxGoogle Home Max$$8.3

Best Cup Holder Wireless Speakers

Wireless speakers are always handy. You can take them out on the beach, for camping, or just put them in your house. In the market today, there are far too many wireless speakers manufactured by different companies.

With this fact, it would be difficult to choose which wireless speaker would suit best for you. As there are different types of wireless speakers that are out on the market today. In this article, it’ll solely focus on the best cup holder wireless speakers. So, we picked the best ones for you to try out.

1. iCreation SpeeCup

iCreation SpeeCup

iCreation SpeeCup


  • Power watts: 5W
  • Frequency range: 2.402GHz – 2.480GHz
  • Channel: 79

Integrated noise-canceling microphone for hands-free communication
Intuitive top mounted smartControl with gesture control
Bluetooth range up to 30 feet
Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery with up to 20 hours of play time
Aux line-out jack for Bluetooth streaming audio to car and home audio systems

The iCreation SpeeCup, unlike any other wireless speaker, is designed to fit your cup holder. The good thing is that this wireless speaker allows you to be entirely mobile with its gesture controls. You can control your music and answer phone calls by just a wave of your hand. This wireless speaker also gives you access to Siri and S voice commands on paired phones. Sound quality is also good for a single speaker.

2. Scosche BoomBottle

Scosche BoomBottle Speaker

Scosche BoomBottle


  • Battery life: 15 hours of continuous playtime
  • Power: 10 Watt / 6200mah rechargeable battery. You can use it to charge your mobile phones too.
  • Sound Quality: Dual 12W 50mm drivers and passive subwoofer provide a high-quality 360-Degree listening experience with selectable indoor and outdoor equalization settings
  • Waterproof and splashproof: Certified IP67 rating for superior protection from dust and water. Submersible up to 3 feet of water and designed to float on water.

A cylindrical designed wireless speaker designed for cyclists. Because, why not? The Scosche BoomBottle is designed to allow it to fit in cup and bottle holders in cars, bikes, backpacks, coolers and more. When it comes to controls, multifunction buttons are located to be easily accessible and primarily acts as pause/play. You may also double-press to play the next track, and triple-press to play the previous track. The volume buttons are also easy to find by feel, while keeping your eyes on the road, and are easy to operate even in winter gloves.

3. Treblab HD55

Treblab HD55 Wireless Speaker

Treblab HD55


  • Battery: 4000mAh lithium battery
  • Duration: Enjoy up to 10 hours of continuous play
  • Charging: 3-4 hours
  • Sound quality: 24W dual-driver stereo

The Treblab HD55 is one of the most innovative wireless speakers in the market despite being the first one ever created by Treblab. Aside from having a built-in 24W dual-driver stereo, the speaker also emits a 360 degree sound. The sounds coming out from the speaker has clear highs and a deep bass that surrounds you. Plus, the Treblab HD55 has easy access buttons that you can smoothly operate, and even a 5-year-old could do too. Another good thing is that the speaker fits in most cup holders too.

4. Tronsmart Element T6

Tronsmart Element T6 Speaker

Tronsmart Element T6


  • 25W DSP Audio Drivers
  • 15 hours long play time
  • Superior 360° Surround Sound & Deep Bass
  • Transmission distance is up to 10m
  • Rugged design & portable size
  • Hands-free calling

Tronsmart Element T6 is a price value wireless speaker that you must not miss. It may also look basic but don’t let that fool you. The Element T6 features a powerful sound quality despite its size. This wireless speaker is built in with bass, even without the use of an equalizer. With its round shape and dual sound driver, it can easily fill the room with music. Another thing to admire about this wireless speaker is its buttons and how it can easily pair with your phone. Plus, you can bring it anywhere you’d like to go. Whether you’re going to the beach or going camping, the Tronsmart Element T6 is your ideal partner.

5. House of Marley: Chant Sport

House of Marley Chant Sport

House of Marley Chant Sport


  • Integrated Components microphone
  • Hands-Free Function
  • Nominal Output Power 9 Watt
  • Integrated Audio Amplifier
  • Connectivity Technology: wired, wireless
  • Controls power on/off, volume
  • Battery: Rechargeable – lithium-ion, 8 hours playtime

Hats off to House of Marley Chant Sport for being low key awesome. The design for their new wireless speaker: Chant Sport is not particularly eye-catching to the user, nor does it have a super impressive amount of bass. What Chant Sport offers is pure solid value and more than just face value.

The Chant Sport is quite loud despite its size. It has a water-resistant design and a built-in speakerphone. The speaker is also designed to float. The audio also gives out a crisp, clear sound. It also gives out a solid amount of richness in the low-mids. Although, the Chant Sport can’t deliver a bombastic bass as what you’ve expected. You have to spend more for that. But this wireless speaker gives you the right amount of balance in sound quality.

6. iHOME iDM9GC Portable Cupholder Bluetooth Speaker

iHOME iDM9GC Cupholder

iHOME iDM9GC Portable Cupholder Bluetooth Speaker


  • Wirelessly stream music within 30 feet from your Bluetooth-enabled phone, tablet, computer or other devices
  • Auto-link feature for fast, easy Bluetooth setup
  • Built-in microphone with ATI SoundClear voice echo cancellation, plus call answer and end controls
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • SRS TruBass circuitry and Aux line-in jack

Are you a big fan of golf or road trips? Then the iHOME iDM9GC is the best wireless speaker for you. The iDM9GC fits perfectly in a standard cup holder. This rechargeable mono speaker with Bluetooth and speakerphone capability looks and sounds great anywhere.

The speaker also provides excellent sound suitable for your music, games or apps. The iHome has a built-in mic, ATI Sound and clear voice echo cancellation features built into its system. It also has an answer and end controls. It can also easily fill up the space of your car.

So those were 6 of the best cup holder wireless speakers that you need to try out. Remember that no one should come between you and your music. So don’t wait a little longer. Try out one of these speakers and have an amazing audio experience.

Your Guide To The Best Cup Holder Wireless Speakers

RankImageSpeakerPriceRatingFind Lowest Price
#1iCreation SpeeCupiCreation SpeeCup$$8.8
#2Scosche BoomBottleScosche BoomBottle$$8.8
#3Treblab HD55Treblab HD55$$$8.4
#4Tronsmart Element T6Tronsmart Element T6$$8.0
#5House of Marley: Chant SportHouse of Marley: Chant Sport$$$8.6
#6iHOME iDM9GC Portable Cupholder Bluetooth SpeakeriHOME iDM9GC Portable Cupholder Bluetooth Speaker$$8.4

The Best Vintage Wireless Speakers

Vintage and retro look never goes out of style. They may be more hyped way back in the 80’s, but people from this age still finds a way to get things that are vintage. From cars, decorations, and clothes, you can never go wrong with a vintage style.

So how about owning a vintage Bluetooth speaker?

This list of the best vintage Bluetooth speakers on the market can give you nostalgia but with a modern experience of listening to your favorite tracks. We feature five vintage speakers that don’t just look classic but also with outstanding performance to give you the right vintage satisfaction. Check out this list and pick yourself a vintage Bluetooth speaker!

Here are the best vintage wireless speakers:

1. Marshall Kilburn Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Best Marshall Vintage Wireless Speakers

best vintage wireless speakers marshall kilburn

· Design
If you’ve noticed Marshall Speakers, they’ve stayed on the vintage side when it comes to design. There’s no wonder they’re one of our top choices for retro Bluetooth speakers. The Marshall Kilburn wireless speaker just gives you the right vintage feel. It easily shines out from other wireless speakers because of its classic design. Marshall gave this wireless speaker an old-school look that offers you nostalgia feels.

The portable speaker weighs less than 7 pounds with its iconic script logo embedded in the front of the speaker. You can see the controls (analog knobs) just right at the top of the speaker. The stylish handle just makes it look perfect.

· Sound Quality
Kilburn has got some incredible skills in delivering remarkable sound quality from a compact-sized wireless speaker. It works on Bluetooth without any problem and is considered as one of the loudest portable speakers in its class. You can hear perfectly balanced audio with clarity and enough bass to keep you kicking.

· Battery
Bring it with you anywhere without being caught up in wires. Kilburn has a battery that lives up to 20 hours of playtime. Breaking all the limitations you have with wired speakers.

2. HotNCold Vintage Surround Sound Wireless Boombox Speaker (Amazon’s Choice)


Best hotncold Wireless Speakers

best vintage wireless speakers hotncold vintage speaker

· Design
Compact, durable, and vintage: these are the words that best describe HotNCold’s wireless boombox speaker. There’s an LED screen in the front part of the speaker as well as the control buttons. It has a handle that comes in handy when you want to bring the speaker anywhere. It’s a combination of black, white, and silver colors that makes it look so classy. Plus, it has a handy remote control!

· Sound Quality
Playing music has never been so versatile with this wireless speaker! You can play music through Bluetooth, USB flash drive, TF card, or the AUX slot. It even has an FM radio where you can listen to music from your favorite local radio stations.

This wireless boombox speaker can deliver big audio despite its compact size. Hear a full audio range and deep bass as you play any music genre.

· Battery
Get 8 hours of playback time free from wires with HotNCold’s wireless boombox speaker. Enjoy good music while being free from wires.

3. JAM Rewind Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Best Jam Vintage Wireless Speakers

best vintage wireless speakers jam rewind

· Design
The JAM Rewind wireless speaker just knows how to take you back to the 80’s with its cassette tape design. Even the speaker case is just how cassette tapes are cased back then. It just makes you feel retro and vintage. You can easily bring it anywhere with its compact size. Slip it into your pocket without a problem. Bring this small and retro speaker with you anywhere to share music with your friends.

An added voice prompt feature guides you between charging and pairing.

· Sound Quality
Opposing its size, this wireless speaker will surprise you with a big and dynamic sound! It’s a 4-speaker system with two active speakers and two passive speakers. Play songs from your mobile device through a Bluetooth connection.

· Battery
Enjoy a retro party anywhere free from tangling wires with its rechargeable battery. It can power up to eight long hours.

4. 1byone Belt Driven Bluetooth Turntable with Built-in Stereo Speaker

Best 1byone Vintage Speakers

best vintage wireless speakers 1byone bluetooth turntable speaker

· Design
Want some speaker that flaunts a vintage design? Well, the 1byone Belt Driven Bluetooth Turntable with Built-in Stereo Speaker might be the one for you. It looks like a classic turntable, but hey, it amazingly plays music through Bluetooth connection! The vintage style is matched with a solid wood appearance and a dust cover.

· Sound Quality
Imagine being able to play your grandma’s old vinyl records? I can’t get any excited! Play vinyl records and choose from three-speed settings or play through your mobile device using the Bluetooth connection. The built-in full-range speakers will play your music with richness and clarity classically. There’s no way you won’t love this speaker.

· Other Features
This speaker has got some cool features. You can record music from your vinyl to mp3 using a flash drive through a couple of pushes in the right buttons.

5. Toshiba Wireless Bluetooth Speakers: Vintage Retro Home Speaker Box System with USB Playback

Best Toshiba Vintage Wireless Speakers

best vintage wireless speakers toshiba retro home speaker

· Design
Toshiba has maintained its sense of style and minimalism with their vintage-styled retro home speaker. It’s a bigger than average Bluetooth speaker with a classic, polished gold-tone metal look. The control knobs sit finely at the top of the speaker as well as the line in and flash drive ports.

· Sound Quality
If you want a big sound from a vintage Bluetooth speaker, you may want to try this speaker from Toshiba. The people behind this speaker’s success made sure to craft it for unmatched projection and clarity in mind. You’ll get an excellent audio quality from your favorite artists straight to your ears.

The 40 watts power allows it to produce a deafening sound to blast your favorite songs and share it with your friends.

Your Guide To The Best Vintage Wireless Speakers

RankImageSpeakerPriceRatingFind Lowest Price
#1Marshall Kilburn Portable Bluetooth SpeakerMarshall Kilburn Portable Bluetooth Speaker$$8.8
#2Hotncold Vintage SpeakerHotncold Vintage Speaker$$8.8
#3JAM Rewind Wireless Bluetooth SpeakerJAM Rewind Wireless Bluetooth Speaker$$$8.4
#41byone Bluetooth Turntable Speaker1byone Bluetooth Turntable Speaker$$8.0
#5Toshiba Wireless Bluetooth SpeakersToshiba Wireless Bluetooth Speakers$$$8.6

The 5 Best Waterproof Wireless Speakers

Gone were the days of tangled wires and large audio equipment just listen to great music. Today, wireless technological advancements are dominating the area of audio entertainment.

Speakers have evolved in sound engineering and design. They’ve become versatile in a sense that these speakers are designed to meet specific expectations. Like size, audio quality, playing hours, and its resistance to water.

People these days seem to prefer owning a waterproof wireless speaker. What’s the difference between ‘water-resistant’ and ‘waterproof?’

Water-resistant means that a particular item may be able to resist water penetration to a certain level or depth. Waterproof means that water can’t penetrate through the device.

Without further ado, here are 5 of the top waterproof wireless speakers on the market today:

1. JBL Clip 2

Image of JBL Clip+

JBL Clip+ ultra-light, rugged and ultra-powerful portable speaker

If you want to keep it small yet grand, then the JBL Clip 2 is for you. The Clip 2 has a rating of IPX7 for water resistance, and its battery can last up to eight hours. You can control this audio device using your phone. Pair it up with its Bluetooth 4.0 technology and listen to its excellent sound quality. The speakerphone functionality is also available with this wireless speaker.

2. Braven Stryde 360

This wireless speaker is packed with a cool cylindrical design and an IP67 rating for water and dust resistance. The Braven Stryde 360 delivers a high-quality 360-degree sound via its high-fidelity audio drivers and passive radiators. This wireless speaker surprisingly has excellent bass delivery too.

The Braven Stryde 360 also has a playback control right on the speaker. No need to step out of the shower and change your music.

3. Kicker Bullfrog BF400

Would you prefer something big and sturdy? Then the Kicker Bullfrog BF400 is for you. Experience a compelling 360-degree sound experience which you can control via your smartphone.

Unlike most waterproof speakers, the Bullfrog is a real deal. With an IP66 rating, which means it’s guarded against dust and can resist high-pressure water jets from any direction.

When it comes to sound, the Kicker Bullfrog BF400 delivers a vibrant and decent bass response. But some distortion can be noticed once it’s cranked up at full volume. You can also pair two BF400 speakers for an even powerful stereo experience.

Play up to 20 hours of continuous music with the Kicker Bullfrog BF400. You can even charge your mobile devices with the speaker.

4. Lifeproof Aquaphonics AQ10

For all beach bums out there, please pay attention to this portable wireless speaker. The Aquaphonics AQ10 is the legit wireless speaker for you. This wireless speaker weighs 1.7 pounds which work well for small to medium groups.

This wireless waterproof to 3.3 ft, drop-proof to 4 ft, and can reach up to 94 decibels. The Lifeproof Aquaphonics AQ10 speaker has a built-in microphone for voice calls. This speaker can play up to 13 hours of your favorite songs on one charge.

What’s even cooler is that the Aquaphonics AQ10 floats when thrown overboard. It also has a built-in, water-tight dry box where you can store cash, cards, and keys.

5. Altec Lansing Life Jacket 2

Dubbed as the ‘Everything-Proof’ wireless speaker. It holds up to its name. Even explosives and bullets couldn’t stop this wireless speaker. The Altec Lansing Life Jacket 2 features an IP67 waterproof, and everything-proof rating. It has a floatable and submersible design that provides a 30-foot range along with extra audio horsepower. With 16 hours of battery life and an onboard power bank to remotely charge your portable devices.

So those were the top waterproof wireless speakers. They may differ in a lot of ways, but they serve one purpose. That’s to improve entertainment even in the presence of water.

Your Guide To The Top Waterproof Wireless Speakers

RankImageSpeakerPriceRatingFind Lowest Price
#1JBL Clip 2JBL Clip 2$8.8
#2Braven Stryde 360Braven Stryde 360$$8.8
#3Kicker Bullfrog BF400Kicker Bullfrog BF400$$$8.4
#4Lifeproof Aquaphonics AQ10Lifeproof Aquaphonics AQ10$$$8.0
#5Altec Lansing Life Jacket 2Altec Lansing Life Jacket 2$$$7.6

The 9 Best Multi-Room Wireless Speakers

Back in the days, playing music around your home would require the use of endless cables which would crawl under carpets or around door frames. Today, saving yourself from the hassle of cumbersome wires is easy. With a multi-room wireless speaker system, you can enjoy your audio experience with minimal fuss!

If you’re looking for the best multi-room audio system that suits your needs, check out this list:

1. Sonos Play:5

The Sonos speaker system works brilliantly. There’s no doubt about that. With the Play:5 speakers, Sonos hits the top of this list.

It’s a sleek and well-designed Wi-Fi speaker. Considering its size, the richness and high bass that it delivers are plausible. It offers magnificent Sonos wireless experience. You can control your audio experience from an iPad, iPhone or Android apps that are compatible with nearly every essential music service. It includes Spotify, Pandora, Amazon, and Tidal.

You can also use a software called True Play. This Sonos app lets you tune your speakers for specific rooms. You’ll be stoked with the sound quality.

2. Bose SoundTouch 10

This speaker is small but amazing. It’s very compact you wouldn’t expect it could give you a competent audio experience. It’s a Wi-fi speaker that offers convenience with its features like Bluetooth and versatile shortcut system. The unit has six buttons, a remote control and an app that can be configured to an internet radio station, artist, or playlist.

The SoundTouch10 is compatible with other SoundTouch models. It works well with the room-filling SoundTouch30 speakers.

3. Denon Heos 7 HS2

With the Heos app, Denon’s speaker system is easy to set up. It helps you create multiroom zones. Its teardrop design gives it a distinctive vibe among other speakers.

The Denon Heos 7 HS2 is the most impressive speaker model in the range. It’s powerful enough to fill a big space. It provides high-resolution music experience. With its two mid-woofers and two custom tweeters, you can enjoy your music-filled home.

The smallest unit in the Denon speaker family is the Heos 1 HS2 , which is humidity resistant. This feature enables the speaker to work inside a bathroom.

Denon has an excellent audio reputation. This means you can trust their speakers to be the best.

4. Roberts R-Line R100

If you opt for a rechargeable battery pack, this speaker system suits your portability needs.

Add an R1 speaker to your multi-room mix, and you’re good to go. You can control your speakers with the Undok app. It’s a third-party app that also appears on the systems like Ruarks. The app is compatible with Android and iPhone devices.

With the radio maestros Roberts, you can expect integrated DAB and FM radio tuners.

This speaker is relatively small, but it delivers big sound. It’s a speaker system that’s best for people who want to use the music system as a DAB radio.

5. Panasonic SC-ALL7CDEBK

Are you fond of playing your CD collection? Do you catch yourself wanting to listen to them upstairs, but you can’t since your CD system is in your living room? Worry no more! The Panasonic SC-ALL7CDEBK is a cutting-edge audio product that allows you to stream your CDs to other ALL connected speakers.

This speaker is packed with a DAB radio tuner and a 4GB storage capacity. With this memory, you may digitally save up to 25 CDs for instant access. This feature means that you don’t have to put in a disc everytime you want to listen to your favorite collection.

Setting up music from multiple speakers is easy with the help of an app for iPhone and Android. You can just drag one speaker icon on top of another in the app and voila! You just set up your multiroom wireless speaker system.

The Panasonic series work well together. It can deliver authentic and clear sound quality. With one look on the speaker, you’d know it will do well.

6. Sony SRS-X99

Sony’s premium feels match the price. It’s a good thing that the sound complements with the competitive vibe.

The Sony SRS-X99 is quite big. Yes, it’s not that portable, but its statement look would make you feel proud that you have it around your home.

With the aid of the SongPal app, you can have a speedy and efficient connection with other speakers. Also, this speaker is capable of hi-res audio tracks that are offered by some streaming services like the Tidal.

7. Samsung R6 Wireless Speaker

This model’s sleek design isn’t solely for aesthetic purposes. It’s designed to offer an excellent 360-degree music experience.

Using a straightforward multi-room app, you can connect your speaker using your tablet or your phone (Android and Apple).

With a powerful woofer, your room is fired up with great sound. It’s a decent choice to make if you’re looking for the best portable wireless speakers.

8. Ruark R2 Mk3

This British audio brand, Ruark, can’t help produce skillfully crafted machines. The Ruark R2 is no exception for this achievement.

The Ruark R2 has the company’s trademark, the dial control on top of the unit. You can adjust the volume, control the playback and change radio stations with just a few clicks.

To complete your whole house audio system experience, add another R2 and sync them. It’s a real head-turner with its built-in DAB, FM and internet radio stations.

9. Naim Mu-so

The Mu-so is a stylish one-box speaker. It has a solid built that’s packed with excellent components. It has details like Aluminum heat sink that contributes the loud and bassy audio experience.

It’s not that cheap, but it’s worth every penny. Add more Mu-so speakers like the peculiarly small Mu-so Qb. Complete your audio system and get that music-filled home experience!

The combination of simplicity of set-up, incredible sound quality, and sophisticated design can be essential features in choosing your multiroom wireless speaker system. Examine the speaker systems in this list, and you won’t have a hard time deciding for the right wireless home sound system.

Your Guide To The Best Multi-room Wireless Speakers

RankImageSpeakerPriceRatingFind Lowest Price
#1Sonos Play:5<br />
Sonos Play:5$$$9.0
#2Bose SoundTouch 10Bose SoundTouch 10$$$8.4
#3Denon Heos 7 HS2Denon Heos 7 HS2$$$7.0
#4Roberts R-Line R100Roberts R-Line R100$$$8.2
#5Panasonic SC-ALL7CDEBKPanasonic SC-ALL7CDEBK$$$8.0
#6Sony SRS-X99Sony SRS-X99$$$10.0
#7Samsung R6 Wireless SpeakerSamsung R6 Wireless Speaker$$$6.0
#8Ruark R2 Mk3Ruark R2 Mk3$$$8.6
#9Naim Mu-soNaim Mu-so

The 4 Best Wireless Ceiling Speakers

The market has a wide selection of wireless speakers to choose from. One type of speaker that you can buy is the wireless ceiling speaker. Thanks to the new technology, installing ceiling speakers is now hassle-free. You don’t need to deal with pesky wires on the ceiling and walls.

It can be a little challenging when you’re not an expert on these types of speakers. Some units don’t assure good sound quality.

You don’t want to invest in an audio device that you end up hating, right? A smart way for you to do before purchasing a ceiling speaker is to research about wireless ceiling speakers.

You might try to consider our list of the best wireless Bluetooth ceiling speakers.

1. Polk Audio RC8Oi

This wireless ceiling speaker is equipped with an 8-inch dynamic subwoofer and a 1-inch dome tweeter. These speakers allow sound to be distributed in the entire room. It also has an adjustable 15-degree revolving tweeter. This feature allows you to choose the desired direction of the sound.

Aside from its durability, the Polk Audio RC8Oi is also moisture-resistant.

The $130 RC8Oi is very easy to install. It has holes where you can easily position and mount the wireless speaker on the ceiling. If you want this speaker to be noticeable, this product also comes in a white-colored design.

2. Klipsch CDT-5650-C II

Audio devices from Klipsch is known to be premium speakers, wireless or not. Wireless speakers from Klipsch are specially designed to produce excellent sound quality. These speakers can be expensive. But you’ll not go home disappointed if you purchase Klipsch speakers because of their awesome features.

The Klipsch CDT-5650-C II is equipped with a special feature called Controlled Dispersion Technology (CDT). This allows the user to direct both high and low frequencies in different directions. The two-way system is also composed of a 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter that lets you produce powerful sounds.

The Klipsch CDT-5650-C II has a 6.5-inch subwoofer with 50 watts of power.

Even at maximum volume, this wireless ceiling speaker can get extremely loud but with minimal distortion.

The CDT-5650-C II wireless speaker works best when paired with other complementary devices like the Klipsch IK-650-C installation kit. This sound system is available on the market for $298.

3. Pyle PDIC6OT

This two-way wireless speaker is capable of wall and ceiling installation.

The Pyle PDIC6OT is designed with a 6.5-inch and an 8-Ohm woofer. This feature allows the wireless speaker to produce excellent sound quality. It’s cheaper compared to other wireless ceiling speakers. The Pyle PDIC6OT is also ideal for expanding your home theater system.

The two 6.5 inch speakers include a one-inch titanium dome tweeter. This unit also comes with a flush mount for the ceiling installment. The PDIC6OT has a 70-volt transformer. It helps the unit to handle electricity more smoothly.

The bass quality of this wireless ceiling speaker is surprisingly good. You can listen to bass-rich audio at a maximum volume level without distortion. This speaker is uniquely designed to blend with your surroundings in a very elegant manner.

4. Bose 742898-0200

Bose wireless speakers are a great combination of looks and performance. This $449 elegant wireless ceiling speaker has a 5-inch woofer and two well-positioned 3/4-inch tweeters that can produce an excellent audio performance.

The Bose 742898-0200 is covered with grilles which makes it paintable. You can change the color of the speaker to match the color of the ceiling.

These wireless ceiling speakers are great ways to expand your existing home sound system. Your audio experience is leveled up to with these wireless ceiling speakers.

Your Guide To The Best Wireless Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers

RankImageSpeakerPriceRatingFind Lowest Price
#1Polk Audio RC8OiPolk Audio RC8Oi$$$9.2
#2Klipsch CDT-5650-C II<br />
Klipsch CDT-5650-C II
#3Pyle PDIC6OTPyle PDIC6OT$$$10.0
#4Bose 742898-0200Bose 742898-0200$$$10.0

The 5 Best Wireless Speakers Under $300

Wireless speakers come in all shapes and sizes. No matter how and what they look like people will always look at two features: price and quality.

Anyway, if you’re looking for the best wireless speakers under $300, then you’ve come to the right place. Each product listed here is based on price, ratings, and quality.

So here are the top 5 on the list:

1. Marshall Stockwell

Marshall brands are known for effectively molding retro and modern styles. Stockwell isn’t an exception to that rule. With a measurement of 5.7 by 10.1 by 2 inches (HWD) and a weight of about 2 pounds. It has independent knobs where you can control the treble, bass, and volume.

The knobs of the Stockwell are retractable. This external feature enables you to press the knobs in to keep settings from accidentally adjusting by itself. Sound source can be either via Bluetooth or wired input. A phone button can channel your calls directly to the speaker.

When it comes to loudness, the Stockwell model is the loudest of all Marshall speakers. Well, it’s only powered by a two-channel class D amplifier and has dual 2.3-inch tweeters and 2.3-inch woofers.

2. Sony SRS-X55

If you’re a minimalist fan, then this wireless speaker is for you. This 8.8 x 4.8 x 2-inch rectangular shaped wireless speaker not only delivers a straightforward design but also with sound quality. The Sony SRS-X55 has two 1.5-inch drivers and a large, 2.4-inch subwoofer. This feature delivers a crisp and clear treble and a bombastic bass.

The Sony SRS-X55 is equipped with buttons for power, volume, Bluetooth pairing and answering calls on the top right. Along that line is a button to engage Clearaudio, Sony’s vocal-boosting technology. The unit does not include buttons to control your music. You can use your audio source for that.

3. Fluance Fi50

If you’re the classy yet frugal type, then this is the best wireless speaker for you. The Fi50 is a two-way high-performance wireless speaker with a medium-density fiberboard cabinet shell as an exterior.

The Fluance Fi50 has a two-way driver design with a tweeter mounted in the center of a 5-inch woofer, and is equipped with a 40-watt amplifier. Creating a loud sound, yet clean and clear. It has wireless auto-pairing technology that automatically pairs your Bluetooth device when in range, and a USB input for quick smartphone or tablet charging.

4. JBL – Xtreme Portable Bluetooth Speaker

If you’re the outdoor type of person that spends most of your time near water and the outdoors, then this is the speaker for you. Connect wirelessly in a matter of seconds via Bluetooth and pair it with your phone. Enjoy 15 hours of non-stop music, and you can fully charge the speaker in 3.5 hours. On the plus side, the JBL – Xtreme is water resistant, so you won’t have to worry about getting it wet while you’re enjoying your outdoor activities.

5. Bose® – Virtually Invisible® 300

Bose® is one of the most sturdy and quality based audio and sound masters. These speakers are the smallest that Bose® has made. However, thou shalt not judge its quality because of its size. They still deliver the same full and immersive sound with the right balance of bass and treble. You can connect it to your phone via Bluetooth or plug it in and enjoy an undaunting entertainment. You can also connect the speaker via your local Wi-Fi network for instant in-home listening without using a device.

So those are the top 5 wireless speakers under $300. Different in sizes and design but they all deliver the same thing we all want – clear and crisp sound with a little bit of treble. So what are you waiting for? Go and grab one now.

Your Guide To The Best Wireless Speakers Under $300

RankImageSpeakerPriceRatingFind Lowest Price
#1Marshall StockwellMarshall Stockwell$$$9.0
#2Sony SRS-X55Sony SRS-X55$$$9.0
#3Fluance Fi50Fluance Fi50$$$9.0
#4JBL – Xtreme Portable Bluetooth SpeakerJBL – Xtreme Portable Bluetooth Speaker$$$9.0
#5Bose® – Virtually Invisible® 300Bose® – Virtually Invisible® 300$$$9.6

The 5 Best Wireless Soundbar Speakers under 300

Like how no man can be an island, an appliance can’t be a do-it-all.

In the field of home entertainment, sound bars need to co-exist with flat-panel TVs. It’s vice-versa because the truth is that TVs can’t foster surround sound system all by itself.

If you’re dying for a soundbar to complete your home entertainment experience, check out our list of the best wireless soundbars under $300.

Why $300?

Providing sonic experience is the primary goal of soundbars. You can spend $80 on one, but we’re talking superb audio experience here. And the safe zone for competitive soundbars goes around $300. At this rate, the models may be packed with features like incredible Bluetooth connectivity and additional wireless subwoofers.

For movie fanatics, soundbars may solve your problems in inaudible dialogues of the TV characters. Convincing explosions and car crashes are also attainable with soundbars around.

Soundbars below $300:

1. Polk Audio MagniFi Mini

Polk Audio MagniFi Mini

Even if its name goes with ‘mini,’ you may still expect an audio experience parallel to a full-size soundbar.

Its compact design is fit for your limited space. You may enjoy the high-class audio experience with the MagniFi Mini’s exclusive Voice Adjust technology. This feature increases the volume level and vocal quality of your favorite movies.

The Polk AudioMagniFi Mini’s patented surround technology and Dolby digital 5.1 decoding provide sound that fills the room. All these experience from a 15-inch long soundbar.

The soundbar is compatible with almost all TVs. It works with your cable box or satellite IR remote control. The MagniFi Mini also goes with simple setup and free HDMI (ARC) cable.

Want more?

Bring your favorite concert at home through wireless streaming via Google Home using Chromecast audio. You may also stream through WiFi and Bluetooth.

All these goodness packed inside the Polk Audio MagniFi Mini.

2. Yamaha YAS-106

Yamaha YAS-106

Unlike its other competitors, the Yamaha YAS-106 is for your wall.

Sleek and slim, the Yamaha YAS-106 compliments your TV’s look.

But it’s audio ability is no skin deep. Though slim, you may enjoy your favorite shows with bright and full sound.

It has unique bass reflex port and ‘Bass Extension.’ This feature allows the Yamaha YAS-106 to produce superb low-end performance without the need for a separate subwoofer box.

You may use a single optical cable to connect the soundbar to your TV. The optical cable is free. You also have the choice of using an HDMI cable for best performance.

Also, this model is compatible with a free controller app for iOS and Android. You can select five surround modes: Movie, Sports, Game, Music, or TV.

3. Fluance AB40

Fluance AB40

If your TV is small and you need a soundbar to set it on, the Fluance AB40 is for you.

It has engineered wood cabinet, and it’s internally braced throughout to create a warm, distortion-free sound. This soundbar can support flat-panel TVs up to 65 inches.

You may experience virtual 3D surround sound with its 5.1 speaker system. It has full sound dispersion angled drivers that result in an immersive home theater experience

It has enhanced Bass Boost sound production for all your movies as if there’s a separate subwoofer in the room.

4. Klipsch R4-B

Klipsch R4-B

If it’s Klipsch, it must be excellent.

The Klipsch R4-B is no different to its family of excellent soundbars with high-quality subwoofers.

It has built-in Dolby® Digital Decoder. This function means utmost comfort in aiming for detailed and high-output sound in almost any size of a room.

Also, it has a 2-Way Bi-Amplified Soundbar which produces enhanced sound with crisp vocals and dynamic soundtracks. For tweeter and woofer, it comes with a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) controlled crossover via separate amplifier channels.

The R-4B soundbar comes with 3 modes.

  • Virtual Surround Mode: for optimized surround sound
  • Voice Enhance Mode: for increasing dialogue volume for enhanced vocal clarity without growing ambient sounds.
  • Night Mode: adjusts dynamic range for quieter listening environments.

5. Zvox AccuVoice AV200

Zvox AccuVoice AV200

It’s anything like the previous models in this list, but it has another quality up its sleeves.

This soundbar is specially designed to boost dialogue in TV soundtracks or movies. Its built-in hearing aid technology allows super-clear voices even in low volumes.

Also, the Zvox AccuVoice AV200 soundbar boasts easy installation. Browse the soundbar’s one-page user manual, and there you go! One connecting wire to your TV and voila! You just installed your soundbar with your TV.

It also can tame loud commercials with just one click. With its Output Leveling (OL) feature, you may allow a sophisticated processor take over. This feature makes soft sounds louder or loud sounds softer.

Finding the perfect soundbar to complete your home entertainment must be as easy as adding creamer to your coffee. Choose how you like it and savor your ultimate movie experience!

Your Guide To The Best Wireless Soundbars under 300

#1Polk Audio MagniFi MiniPolk Audio MagniFi Mini8.2
#2Yamaha YAS-106Yamaha YAS-1068.6
#3Fluance AB40Fluance AB408.2
#4Klipsch R4-BKlipsch R4-B8.4
#5Zvox AccuVoice AV200Zvox AccuVoice AV2008.2

The 4 Best Wireless Speakers with USB Flash Drive Compatibility

Music players have evolved quite dramatically over the years. One of the most remarkable advancement is the invention of Bluetooth or wireless speakers. Now, rolling wireless and smart connection into one.

Competition for the best music players is becoming tough. Manufacturers design Bluetooth for several means: music, fashion, and portability.

One of the comfortable features of wireless speakers with USB flash drive compatibility. Curious to know what products are in for the grabs?

Here are our top four best wireless speakers with USB flash drive compatibility. In no particular order, of course.

Pyle PBMSPG50 Street Vibe

Pyle PBMSPG50 Street Vibe

Pyle created the Street Vibe in tribute to boomboxes. You won’t only enjoy quality sound but also its other features. This wireless speaker has Bluetooth and NFC wireless pairing capability. With a lightweight and 2-channel system including FM Radio, Digital LCD Display, AUX (3.5mm) Input, EQ Presets and more. You can enjoy music listening even without the presence of wireless connectivity with the added feature of USB and Micro SD drive readers.

Sharp GX-BT9X

Sharp GX-BT9X

Sharp is an established brand of appliances and music players. They aren’t just superb but are also innovative. The Sharp GX-BT9X isn’t an exemption to that rule. The high-performance sound is attributed to the 100W total RMS, Bass Boost feature, and Bluetooth with NFC pairing features.

Other features of the Sharp GX-BT9X include a USB input where you can play your favorite tracks. The wireless speaker also has a guitar jack where you can play guitar acoustics, mic terminal with individual level controls and an AUX input. Now, that’s over the top!



Sony, also another household name for sound and play technologies. For those who want to experience the oldies but with all the latest connectivity features then this wireless speaker is the one for you.

The Sony ZSRS60BT has CD, CD-R/RW, USB, and MP3 playback features. You can stream music wirelessly with Bluetooth and NFC, too. Enjoy your music with its MEGA BASS sound enhancement and play up to 26 hours.

Sharp GX-BT7

Sharp GX-BT7

The Sharp GX-BT7 is another over-the-top quality wireless speaker created by Sharp with a sleek, and eye-catching design. Equipped with 20W RMS output power plus a dual active subwoofer, this wireless speaker makes sure that you won’t be short of entertainment.

Connect to your music in many ways with the Sharp GX-BT7. You can sync it with your Apple or Android devices for wireless playback via Bluetooth, or via NFC pairing technology. Worried about your phone’s battery life? Store your music files on a USB flash drive and just plug the USB stick into the speaker.

Your Guide To The Best Wireless Speakers With USB Flash Drive Compatibility

#1Pyle PBMSPG50 Street VibePyle PBMSPG50 Street Vibe$$$8.2
#2Sharp GX-BT9XSharp GX-BT9X$$$8.2
#3Sony ZSRS60BTSony ZSRS60BT$$$7.8
#4Sharp GX-BT7Sharp GX-BT7$$$8.4

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