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We want music everywhere! It’s one way of getting us into the mood. It makes life so colorful and perfects the way it is. Imagine you’re relaxing on your boat, enjoying the blue ocean or river view and some good music in the background. Heaven. It’s one way of de-stressing yourself from the chaotic city and everything that’s stressing you out.

Here, we’ll feature some of the wireless speakers you can bring with you in your boat for some good music. They’re all , so no matter where you put it, it’s safe from being damaged from splashes of water. Check it out!

What We Recommend

We decided that the best value product for a Aquajam AJ2 Fully Waterproof Wireless Speakers.
In case, this choice is no longer in stock, or you want something slightly different, we consider the FUGOO Sport the next best choice.

Our Top Pick: Aquajam AJ2 Fully Waterproof Wireless Speakers

We’ve listed the five best wireless speakers for boats below.

How We Picked and Tested

WirelessSpeakers.com’s mission is to provide a complete assessment of all the goods we show on our website. Wireless Speaker experts meticulously examined Bluetooth speakers within the price range for this category. We take into account user evaluations, features, performance, and, of course, sound quality.

If you intend to purchase a product, you must understand its features and quality:

Who Is It For

This list of the best Bluetooth speaker for the boat is perfect for individuals who need to take away the city’s stress or work stress. You might be able to find your match here, regardless of what sort of music you enjoy or whether you are an audiophile or simply looking for a good time on a boat trip.

Portable Bluetooth Speakers for Boat

1. Aquajam AJ2 Fully Waterproof Wireless Speakers

AquaJam Waterproof IPX7 AJ2 Speaker Black PC10300

Why it’s on our list?

The Aquajam AJ2 wireless speaker is 100% waterproof. This speaker is IPX7 certified and can be submerged in water (up to 1m depth) for 30 minutes. It might look like a better speaker for a bicycle since it has a bicycle mount included, but it would do well to be installed on your boat. Aside from the bike mount, it also comes with a 3-meter waterproof and multi-purpose support so you can place it safely on your boat.

This wireless speaker can even float on water if you decide to take a dip in the water. It has a buoyed design so that the speaker grill will always stay at the top.

It uses a Bluetooth 4.0 version so that you can play music without messy wires from your smartphone and other audio sources. Audio performance? You’re sure to experience eargasm with your favorite song playing the way it has to be. To produce full-balanced audio, it comes with dual 5-watt drivers and a passive radiator.

Relax with this speaker in your boat for straight 10 hours with its built-in rechargeable Lithium battery.

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2. FUGOO Sport

FUGOO Sport 2.0 - Portable Bluetooth Speaker Waterproof for Outdoor/Indoor Use - Wireless Stereo Pairing, Rich Loud Sound & Deep Bass, Speakerphone, for Home, Camping, Hiking, Tailgate, Travel

Why it’s on our list?

The FUGOO Sport wireless speaker is a thumbs-up speaker for boats. It’s certified with an IP67 rating, the highest protection rating of electronic devices. For 30 minutes, you can immerse it up to a 1-meter depth of water without the speaker being damaged. Aside from being 100% waterproof, it also withstands any weather.

For FUGOO products like Sport, you can buy the amount so you can attach it anywhere. For a wiser purchase, buy the mount pack to include a bike mount, strap mount, and a multi-purpose mount. Use the strap mount or carabineer clip and other mounting accessories to install this wireless speaker on your boat.

Playing through Bluetooth technology, the FUGOO Sport wireless speaker can stream your favorite music on your boat without being interrupted by wires. You’ll get the music entertainment you want with Sport’s 360-degree sound. It features two tweeters, two woofers, and two passive radiators, summing up to six speakers in all.

One notable feature of this wireless speaker is its voice-enabled high-quality speakerphone. You can use the speakerphone to answer calls instantly while you’re chilling on the boat. You can also send commands to Siri or Google Now.

Enjoy the water view with great music for 40 hours with the FUGOO Sport! That’s almost two days of music and chilling.

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3. Braven BRV-X

BRAVEN BRV-X Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker [12 Hour Playtime][Waterproof] Built-in 5200 mAh Power Bank Charger - Gray

Why it’s on our list?

The Braven BRV-X wireless speaker is truly meant for outdoor use, just like when you’re up for some boat ride. This ruggedly designed speaker comes with an IPX7 rating, so it’s safe to bring on your boat without worrying about water getting in. It’s protected up to 1-meter depth underwater with a rubber exterior that makes it shockproof. It comes with a strap that you can use to hang the speaker anywhere. Braven has made it with an audio performance that outshines the outside noise or something that can fit indoors as this wireless speaker is designed for the outdoors. That’s made possible through its dual audio modes, where you can switch from indoor to outdoor listening.

If you’re up for some partying on your boat, you can connect another Braven BRV-X speaker through TrueWireless Technology.

This portable wireless speaker powers without wires through its built-in 5200 mAh rechargeable battery. The battery lasts for 12 hours of nonstop music entertainment.

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4. SHARKK Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker IP67

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Sharkk 2O IP67 Bluetooth Speaker Outdoor Pool Beach and Shower Portable Wireless Speaker

Why it’s on our list?

The SHARKK Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker can go with you on a boat ride with its IP67 rating. The rating indicates that the it is made from waterproof materials. You don’t have to worry about water damage, plus it withstands dust as well. You can attach it somewhere in your boat using the Velcro wrist strap accessory it comes.

Regarding audio performance, you can never go wrong with this wireless speaker, I’m telling you. It has a very long Bluetooth range you can barely find in another wireless speaker (if you can find one). Place the speaker as far as 60+ feet distance from the audio source. It also comes with two 4-watt speakers to give you that audio punch you’re looking for.

For a complete wireless audio experience, the SHARKK Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker has a built-in battery that can power up to 8 hours if fully charged. To help you preserve your battery, it automatically turns off after being idle for 10 minutes.

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5. Sony XB40 Portable Wireless Speaker

Sony XB40 Portable Wireless Speaker with Bluetooth and Speaker Lights, Black

Why it’s on our list?

The Sony XB40 portable wireless speaker is the best speakers to bring with you on the boat for some party, especially at night! It’s safe to put on the ship since it has an IPX5 water-resistant rating. You can even bring it with you in the shower. Just let it sit on one corner, and your party is about to get started.

Want bass? This will give you bass and added some extra! You can enjoy the club energy minus the crowd in your boat. Just push the EXTRA BASS button on the speaker to enjoy thumping songs. It comes with dual passive radiators that work harmoniously with two full-range speakers to give a boss on the bass response.

For that special party vibe, it comes with flashing multicolored lights. You can even chain other Sony XB40 wireless speakers for a better party vibe. You can play music all day and all night with this speaker’s built-in battery that can party up with you for 24 hours. There’s a voice prompt that indicates the battery level and when it’s time to charge the speaker.

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Guide in Buying Portable Speakers for Boat

How to choose the best waterproof Bluetooth speakers for boats?

Portable speakers come in various shapes and sizes, as well as different levels of power and capability. When looking for a waterproof Bluetooth speaker, keep the following features in mind:

Waterproof Ratings

Waterproof speaker ratings are measured on a scale from IPX-0 to IPx-8. A boat’s audio system will not need the highest rating. Instead, look for speakers with a rating of IPX-4 or higher to protect against water splashes.

Bluetooth Range

Most of the time, you will not need a speaker with a range greater than the size of your boat. Normally, marine speakers will get about 30 feet of coverage. If you tend to wonder, though, get a speaker that has a bit more Bluetooth receiving power.


Most mid-grade marine speakers have 100W of power. It allows you to hear the music, as long as you’re not cruising at high speeds. You’ll need a speaker with 300 to 400W you want.


Marine speakers need to be solid to survive for multiple years. IPX waterproof rating is often correlated with the waterproof rating. Look for a warranty that is at least two years to keep the music blaring.

Style & Size of Speaker and Receiver

Most speakers come with a receiver that helps users navigate their music. Most are round and in-set, but you can install a few on the top of your boat.


Many speakers have radio capabilities. Having a radio in your audio system can be helpful for weather checks and a little variety. Many also offer other features such as channels and a USB port.

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