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Most older home audio speaker systems are very outdated, expensive, and collect dust in the basement of your home. I’m sure you want to bring that clunk of metal back to life and replace the wired speaker system with wireless. Old wired speakers can last you for more years with the proper direction. It can even produce an amazing sound quality by using the proper wireless kits.

And by incorporating the possibility of adding streaming services like Pandora and Spotify, your old wired speakers might be able to shine again. Let us show you how to bring them back to life by converting them to wireless.

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Don’t Throw Wired Speakers Away; Convert Them To Wireless Speakers.

Unless you’re an extreme audiophile, you don’t need to spend to replace your old speaker system just to fit the trend. All you need is a wireless speaker kit. Turning wired speakers into wireless will make you more mobile and bring your sound anywhere.

Bluetooth technology contributes significantly to the wireless capability of audio devices. Consumers who want to keep their old electronics but still want to enjoy wireless music can now do it with the help of wireless speaker kits.

But here’s a hard fact that you need to know. Since most wired speakers don’t have features that can directly convert these gadgets into wireless audio devices, you may have to link a separate amplifier to your speaker using RCA cables or other wires.


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The ‘ wireless ‘ arrangement is considered because the speakers aren’t linked directly to the audio source. Audio signals from the surround-sound television or music stereo pass via the air through the transmitter, AV receiver, and speaker.

So, this whole setup isn’t entirely wire-free. If you need a step-by-step procedure for using a wireless speaker kit to make your gadgets work wirelessly, our help is right here.

Continue reading to learn how to convert wired speakers to wireless audio devices.

Note: These easy procedure steps work for surround-sound television setups and music-only stereos.

How to Convert Existing Speakers to Wireless Speakers

Follow these steps below to convert speakers to wireless.

Step 1: Purchase a Wireless Speaker Kit.

There are various wireless speakers available on the market. The most commonly used wireless speaker kits are Bluetooth adapters. These gadgets are available at different prices, from low to high. You may anticipate high-quality wireless speaker kits at higher prices and lackluster performance at lower prices. However, the setup technique for these wireless speaker systems is likely to be the same. It’s worth noting that most wireless speaker conversion kits aren’t truly wireless; they include cables.

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The wires are because wired speakers don’t have real amplifiers, and a wireless signal through Bluetooth cannot pass the music amplitude to the true speaker. So to convert wired speakers to wireless, you need to add an amplifier to the wired speaker. To top this off, the amplifier on the wired speaker will need to plug into the wall for power. It will send the signal wirelessly to the amplifier. You got to look at the converter kit because many of these kits will only connect two speakers ( left and right ) stereo. Wireless converter manufacturers state that their products are wireless because the speakers aren’t, in theory, attached to the source of the sound.

Step 2: Connect An Amplifier.

Most old speakers don’t have amplifiers in them. It would be best to have an amplifier because wireless signals alone can’t provide the necessary amplification to produce sound from your speakers.

So if you’ve acquired an amplifier, do these two simple steps:

  1. Plug the amplifier into a power source.
  2. RCA cables or other wires can connect the amplifier to your speaker.

Note: These kits only connect two speakers (left and right for stereo), and the two speakers must also be connected so that both speakers will work afterward.

Most WS kits have three main audio parts: a transmitter and two receivers, and AC adapters and wires for each adapter.

We continue our wireless setup using these audio pieces.

Step 3: Connect The Transmitter.

Connect the transmitter to your sound system amplifier using the wires provided in the wireless speaker kit.

Connect the included cable to the rear of your sound system’s ‘Out or Stereo Out’ connection. Then, link the other end into the transmitter.

Next, plug the AC adapter into a power source and the other end into the transmitter. Disconnect the speaker cords from the speakers you want to go wireless with.

Step 4: Connect the two receivers.

Remove one of the audio devices’ existing speaker cords. Then, use one of the receiver cables included in the kit to connect the receiver and speaker.

Next, connect the AC adapter cables by plugging one end into a power source and the other wire into the receiver’s back. You’ll notice that the power light on the receiver flashes on and starts blinking.

Repeat the procedure above for the other speaker. Connect the two receivers with the remaining cable.

Step 5: Turn on your wired speaker system.

Listen to your speaker system carefully to make sure that sounds are reproduced from the speakers.

Check the lights on the receivers. By that time, the indicator light should be stable and not flashing. It means that the speakers are receiving wireless signals.

We hope these steps help you convert your devices into a ‘wireless’ setup. Now, you can enjoy wireless music listening without purchasing wireless speakers.

Watch this video below to learn how to convert wired speakers to wireless.

If you are more of a video learner, we have provided you with video content to help you connect your wired speakers to wireless.

Use Chromecast for Audio and Selected Echo Devices

Connect a Chromecast for Audio or an Echo Dot, Echo Input, Echo Link, or Echo Plus to an amplifier, stereo, or home theatre receiver that does not have internet streaming capability using an audio connection. Direct connections to wired speakers are also possible with the Echo Link Amp.

It allows you to use the wired speakers connected to an amplifier to listen to music that has been played wirelessly to the Google Chromecast for Audio via your cellphone or a Google Home.

You can listen to music through your wired speakers while streaming music from your cellphone or immediately from Amazon Music or other chosen streaming applications with compatible Echo devices.

Best Wireless Speaker Kits

  1. Anthony 1800 Wireless Speaker with Amplifiers
  2. OSD WRSK-250 Wireless Subwoofer & Speaker Kit
  3. Anthony 1700 WS Kit
  4. Avantree Lock Wireless Plug & Play Speaker Kit
  5. Rocketfish RF-WHTIB Home Theater Speaker Kit
  6. TaoTronics TT-BA014 WS Kit
  7. BIC America WTR-Sys WS Kit
  8. SVS SPWADAPT Soundpath WS Kit

The Benefits of Wireless Speaker Adapter

Including your existing wired speakers in a wireless setup has your smartphone and Bluetooth, and use wired speakers:

  • With your smartphone and Bluetooth, use wired speakers.
  • For audio and Echo Devices, use wired speakers with Chromecast.
  • As part of an established wireless audio system, give your wired speakers a new lease of life.
  • Using traditional sources to cut down on wire clutter.

image on how to convert wired speaker to wireless

To make your speakers operate, you’ll need to connect them to a physical cable or wire, regardless of the wireless audio source, signal transmission, or reception method you employ. You’ll need to power your sources and wireless-to-wired conversion devices as well.

How to Pick the Best Wireless Conversion Speaker Kit

With a transmitter and a wireless receiver, wireless speaker kits can stream audio from wired speakers.

You should know that there are several kinds of wireless speaker kits before purchasing one.

Wireless Speaker Kit Types

Wireless speaker converter kits are divided into four categories:

  • Built-in Amplifiers
  • No Amplifier
  • Device sends out radio frequency signals (RF)
  • Sends Bluetooth Signals

Speakers with no built-in amplifiers are typically less expensive and require lower power outputs. If you have wired speakers that need more power, a wireless converter kit with installed amplifiers is required.

Transmission Range

When selecting a wireless speaker conversion kit, you must also consider the transmission range. The majority of wireless kits have a range of 100 to 300 feet.

Question and Answer: Convert Wired Speakers

Can you make wired active speakers wireless?

Converting wired speakers to wireless is a pretty straightforward process. Let us show you how to save money by bringing your speakers up with the times.

What’s the difference between wired and wireless speakers?

An audio signal, power, and amplification require all connected or wireless speakers. Amplifiers, wires, and cables meet those needs for conventionally wired speakers.

Wireless speakers plug into electricity, have built-in amplifiers, and audio signals are transferred wirelessly to them through IR (infrared light), RF (radio frequency), Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth, rather than the classic copper wire or cable. Traditional speaker wires lack a built-in amplifier and cannot receive audio signals remotely, but you can add on devices be used to make them “wireless.”

Is it possible to make a Bluetooth speaker wired?

It is unclear. Check whether Bluetooth speakers come with both wired and wireless alternatives while buying. A line-in port on some Bluetooth speakers lets you plug in an audio wire.


Sometimes spending more money isn’t always the answer to upgrading things. A Bluetooth adapter is all you need to turn a wired speaker into a wireless sound system. With the wide variety of adapters, you can pick one up and connect the dots to begin listening to wireless sound.

With the availability of various streaming music services, you may feel outdated with your old audio devices and want to make your wired speakers wireless. Wired connectivity is slowly becoming a thing of the past, and so is your speaker, especially if it lacks any wireless connectivity features. You may possess speakers that only work with the use of wires. After reading this article, you will easily be able to convert your wired speakers to wireless speakers.

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