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House of Marley Speaker Reviews

About the Brand

The House of Marley is a company that offers music electronics that stays faithful to the principles they stood by as they started the company. They have three principles which are superior quality, earth-friendliness and delivering products with a charitable cause in mind. The House of Marley products include headphones, speakers, accessories and recently, turntables. Their wide range of products possesses an exclusive Marley reggae vibe.

The Marley family continues their father’s legacy of making a better world through love, music, passion, and responsibility.

Superior Quality (The first principle)

The House of Marley products is engineered from quality materials that let you enjoy the products for a longer time. They made sure to engineer music electronics that perform at the best level.

When it comes to audio production, they deliver a signature sound that marks Marley music. Marley music electronics provide smooth sound production with a powerful bass and accurate mids.

Earth-Friendly (The second principle)

The House of Marley products are all made from materials that are earth-friendly, making the world a better place their own way. Marley uses an exclusive REWIND™ fabric, canvas, and cotton textiles along with recycled plastics and metals. They also use bamboo and wood certified by Forest Stewardship Council.

Using House of Marley products can have a meaningful experience.

Cause in Mind (The third principle)

The House of Marley isn’t only committed to bringing out the best-quality products. They’re also committed to giving back to others in need. A Marley product provides donations to the iLove, a Marley family charitable organization. The organization is dedicated to supporting youth, peace and our planet, Earth.

Product Reviews

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