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Great news for audiophiles who also dig on home decors! This new levitating speaker will be a great addition to your home and it’ll definitely wow your visitors. It’s truly the science of style.

This new levitating speaker is from LG, a company that’s been making high-quality devices since it started. The LG PJ9 ZeroG Levitating Portable Speaker is a portable speaker that literally levitates on air once powered on from its Bass Station. Exciting, isn’t it?

But how did LG made that possible? The secret lies in the electromagnets and science. It’s what keeps the speaker float on air.


It’s bewitching to witness as the speaker levitates in the air and back to its docking station (‘Bass Station’) when the battery runs low. You’ll experience uninterrupted music as it automatically docks in the charging station and charges the battery wirelessly. It automatically levitates once the battery is fully charged. The rechargeable battery of the LG Levitating Speaker lasts for ten incredible hours!

The floating part may seem to be the most intriguing part, but hey, this speaker holds a lot of functional features too.

It’s made with materials that can withstand splashes of water and wind. You can even bring it to your pool or beach party and leave other people in awe with your speaker.



You’ll never have to need wires to pair an audio device. This floating speaker got some Bluetooth connection that allows two audio sources to connect at once.

Sound Quality

The tiny yet awesome speaker can boost your mood not just with its design but also with its sound quality. The base station is called the Bass Station because the bass is on the base. Confused? The base part of the speaker is where LG innovatively placed its subwoofer that blasts with powerful bass response. The speaker and subwoofer work harmoniously up to 30 feet apart in the air.

The LG PJ9 ZeroG speaker has a 360-degree omnidirectional design to send powerful audio in every angle. You can place it anywhere in the room and enjoy your favorite music immensely.

It’s for sure that the LG PJ9 speaker is truly a package of design and innovation. The speaker was announced last January at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). It’s now available for those who want to pre-order with a price tag of $ 299.00. If you’re not comfortable with pre-ordering it, you can wait until fall comes as it will be available in stores.

Get ready for an awesome playlist to go with this amazing wireless speaker!