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Top 10 Films to Test You Home Theater Wireless Speakers

Top 10 Films to Test You Home Theater Wireless Speakers

Since the birth of the big screen LCD TVs and Blu-ray players, home movie viewing has never been the same. All the rage about these home entertainment devices right now seems to be so engaging that more people are becoming intrigued about how plausible they work. Any smart buyer would want to make sure that they can enjoy the largest and clearest possible picture.

To make sure that the audio of their sound system is on par with the overall home theatre, users can test their newfound sound system with the best movie possible.

If you want to know if you got the best wireless speakers for home entertainment, you better check them with the film that can stretch your tweeters and woofers to the limit. Check out the top 10 films to test your home theatre, wireless speakers. Let’s see how your speakers will entertain you with the all-important center speaker.

10. Transformers

Any fan of direct action sequences might agree that one of Michael Bay’s best immediate action sequences shows in Transformers (2007). This crowd-pleaser and money-making movie suits to test your home speakers for many reasons. The explosions, car chases and sweeping camera angles are all perfect for giving your speakers what they need. Don’t forget the iconic scenes of transforming robots. The mechanical noises that are distinct for each robot provide the sound system the proper test they deserve. Bumblebee’s fans now have the excuse to play this movie again and again!

9. Signs

Are you a fan of M. Night Shyamalan movies? Then here’s your bit of excuse to watch one of the installments of his famous trilogy. ‘Signs’ pass as one of the best movies to test your home theatre wireless speakers for various of reasons. As the movie uses silence as its number one tool to wake up its viewers, it’s also the perfect way to see how your speakers can hold up.

Notice the beauty of your sound system as the movie start Gibson stands in a cornfield, trying to track down an intruder. As he pauses and starts listening to the night, you can hear the aural magic echoing. As the corn rustles in the wind and suddenly interrupted by a very subtle clicking noise, you can notice how the audio thrill starts. As this type of juxtaposition between silence and sound repeats throughout the film, you can notice how your speakers perform.

Another scene that can tell so much about your speakers is when the lights in the basement are turned out. All you have is the sounds that are coming from your wireless theater speakers. You may agree that M. Night has his share of some awful movies after this one, but “Signs” still scores as one of the best sound test movies.

8. Moulin Rouge!

The exclamation on the title should explain it all. As Moulin Rouge (2001) is as musical as it can get, it also earns its spot in this list for various eargasmic reasons. This Academy nominee for Best Sound is one of the best musicals to test your speakers. Enjoy all the covers of favorite songs and original compositions.

The constant variety of songs plus the cartoonish sound effects all add up to the comic audio impact of this movie. Note that this is the musical of all musicals so there’s no way your speakers could go wrong having this on.

7. Saving Private Ryan

If you don’t fancy extravagant musicals, then you might want some bits of bombs and bloodsheds for your movie choices. What’s better soldier-starred movie than that of Saving Private Ryan (1998)? This top-grossing film has all the realistic battle scenes any viewer could imagine. As this movie is tagged as one of the best war scenes ever, it can also pass as one of the best movies to test your favorite home speakers. The film won the Oscar for Best Sound Effects Editing and Best Sound at the 71st Academy Awards.

Imagine all the screaming, the yelling and shooting all at once. The explosions and crying and all the chaos one could imagine on a battlefield are all here. With all these rapid fire and audio tantrums, this movie also offers silence to the viewers now and then. It leaves the audience the moments to absorb the happenings along with the characters as they struggle to their fate.

6. Jurassic Park

Talk about another box-office hit that could test the limits of your home wireless speakers and here comes the best of them all. Jurassic Park (1993) is no walk in the park as the viewers can enjoy the movie with the agonizing thrill of it all. This Academy Award winner for Best Visual Effects, Best Sound Effects Editing, and Best Sound has it all for you.

One roar of the Tyrannosaurus is enough to let you know if you’ve got the perfect wireless home speakers or not. The mighty bellow of the hungry beasts can test your tweeters right on point. The sounds of the dinosaurs are made by mixing the sounds made by an elephant, a tiger, and an alligator. Watch the scenes with Velociraptors, and you can test how your speakers can take high pitches. If you feel like you’re in the middle of Gallimimus stampede while watching this movie, then you must have the best wireless speakers.

5. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest

If you want to go wild, then go with the best pirates in the history of movies. Sail the iconic Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) and Davy Jones (Bill Nighy) to the most magnificent oceans of the world. As you dive into the dark and magical worlds of the pirates, you’ll discover how your wireless speakers can hold up to the depths of its core. This movie has been nominated for Best Sound Editing and Sound Mixing at the 79th Academy Awards.

You might agree that Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003) is the better movie. Dead Man’s Chest (2006) can give all the audio performance of the first movie and more. Enjoy the swords clanging together and the occasional black-powder explosion. You can also run with the cannibal chase in the jungle or fear the deafening roar of the roaring Kraken. Hans Zimmer has plausibly created an adventurous soundtrack that matches every scene of the movie. All these bring the perfect test to your favorite wireless speakers at home.

4. The Matrix

Dive into the movie that never gets old and only gets better. The Matrix (1999) walked away with the Academy Award for Best Sound Effects Editing and Best Sound. Talk about a movie that has blown the mind of the viewers with its stunning presentation of reality. As this movie has been praised for its visual effects, it’s also a perfect film to test your home theater system.

The elaborate fight scene between Neo and Trinity welcomes you to a fantastic series of bullets whizzing around the stages.

As the fight scene is capped off by the iconic slow-motion explosion in the elevator shaft, and more explosions, your subwoofer can give you all it got. The tweeters can also provide you with what you want as the high-pitched digital noise shows up every time an agent takes over a human.

3. Gladiator

Got no more for science fiction movies, go back in time and have fun with ‘Gladiators’ (2000). Run wild with Maximus (Russell Crowe) as he battles his way from being a Roman leader to being a slave to his fights as a gladiator. The soundtrack of this movie is worth your listening time as the rousing composition of “The Battle” and “Barbarian Horde” can fill your room with beating drums, fiery horns, and clashing cymbals. No doubt why this movie also bagged the Best Sound award from the Oscars.

The fight scenes of this iconic movie prove to be more than just clashing swords. They include whips, flaming pots of doom, chariots, explosions, roaring tigers and the exciting roar of the crowd. If you don’t fancy the bloodshed, then you might as well settle for the beautiful music in the ending like the serene “Now We Are Free” song.

2. Lord of the Rings: Return of the King

Are you a fan of movie series? Then why don’t you take another dose of the final installment of the Lord of the Rings film trilogy? ‘Return of the King’ (2003) won all of the 11 categories it was nominated for. The most amazing among them was the Best Original Song and Best Sound Mixing. Given these milestones, you can test your home wireless speakers to their limits. If you’re a fan of J.R.R. Tolkien’s books, then here’s your chance to dive into the eargasmic aspects of this beautiful world inside his imagination.

Return of the King (2003) stands out from the rest of the installments for one crucial scene. When Aragorn clashes with the Army of the Dead at Dunharrow, you can wallow in the voices of the dead. These voices echo from the sound system that seems to knock out the fan in you. The epic battle scenes, the boiling lava of Mount Doom, and the iconic collapse of Mordor become a single reason why this film deserves all the attention it has been getting. Paired with a fantastic musical score by Howard Shore, this movie is a total package to test your home wireless speakers.

1. The Star Wars Saga

Wake up the Star Wars fanatic in you because here’s another excuse to binge watch this epic interstellar saga. Generations of fandom will understand how the movies from 1977, 1980 and 1983, and the prequels were released in 1999, 2002 and 2005 remain to be the best movies to test wireless home speakers. As this film series won countless awards like Academy Awards for Best Original Score and Best Sound Mixing, this series also won the hearts of home viewing fans.

If the films in this series are taken as individuals for this list, then it might be a list of why Star Wars Saga is the ultimate series to test your home theatre, wireless speakers. Your subwoofers will boom as each incarnation of the Death Star is destroyed. Tweeters will tremor with the high-pitched laser blasts in the space battles as the ships whoosh past. Your midrange drivers can hum along with the fury of the lightsabers as the Jedi wield them. You know what to expect with Star Wars.

Buying your favorite set of speakers is a milestone. Having them pass your test makes the experience more exciting. Choose from the top 10 films to test your home theater, wireless speakers now and prove how amazing your components are.

The Top 5 Wireless Speakers To Decorate Your Kitchen With

Whistling while whisking is a clear sign that all kitchens need some good music.

But it’s no secret that people who value their kitchen’s aesthetics find it hard to choose a sound system that complements their modern kitchen design.

There’s no ‘knead’ to worry! Oops! We’ve chosen the best wireless speakers that might suit your delicate taste.

1. Logitech UE Boom Speaker

You arrived home at the 11th hour and yet you need to prepare for a feast. Every sauce seems to spill. You need some music to ease the stress.

The Logitech UE Boom is here for you! It’s rated IPX7. Meaning? It can be plunged in liquid for up to 1m for up to 30 mins.

Sounds like your typical kitchen companion, right?

Also, it’s powered with 360-degree wireless Bluetooth capability. So, while you’re busy drizzling the dressed chicken with seasonings, the Logitech UE Boom does its job best in coating the kitchen with crisp sound.

The Logitech UE Boom is integrated with Siri or Google Now. You can stay focused on cooking without the hassle of manually changing your tracks.

2. iHome Under-Cabinet Speaker

Typical wireless speakers occupy tabletops. This scenario can be taxing if your place can only allow the ingredients to sit atop the table.

This situation isn’t a problem with the iHome Under-Cabinet Speaker. It allows simple wall installation.

Along with this perk, the iHome speaker comes with 20 presets for FM radio stations.

Now, you can listen to the current news, weather updates, and your favorite music while you’re busy baking or blending.

iHome is known for its kitchen timer and kitchen lights. It’s a perfect accent to your modern kitchen.

Also, this model allows vast device connectivity. It caters to iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Mobile Phones, Tablets, Televisions, and Bluetooth Devices.

3. Williams-Sonoma Smart Tools Bluetooth Speaker

If you’re a newbie with cooking and relies on instructional videos, this wireless speaker fits you.

Now, you can search for recipes, watch cooking shows and listen to music and even video chat while you cook. It perfectly sits with the Williams Sonoma Smart Tools Kitchen Stand (sold separately).

It also allows varied connectivity options like a line-in port for iPods and other portable music players, Bluetooth and two USB ports for charging.

This model also boasts its four-hour battery life. You don’t have to fear running out of power while watching your favorite cooking show.

Find Lowest Price on Amazon

4. Sonos Wireless HiFi Speaker

If you’re up for a sound system that can embrace, not just your kitchen, but the rest of your home, the Sonos Wireless HiFi is for you.

The Sonos stream via WiFi. This quality means that your audio or video experience won’t be interrupted by phone calls or messages.

Using a single app, you have a unified control on all the speakers that are spread throughout your home. Also, this app allows you to tune in to your favorite radio station.

You can stream different music to different rooms. You can also play a single jam for the rest of the speaker system. With the Sonos, everything is a piece of cake.

Find Lowest Price on Amazon

5. Lewis Hyman 9501110 Studio Sync

Not every wireless speaker have to sit on table tops. Some are meant to be ‘shelves.’

If aesthetic and sound quality is at the peak of your priorities, Lewis Hyman has it for you.

This model can be on any wall. It comes with a with a simple-to-mount brace. It’ll hold your recipe books and other devices up to 15 lbs.

This model is a Bluetooth-enabled device and allows maximum sound quality. You can have the comfort of adjusting the volume of this speaker through your phone, computer, or tablet.

With its slim built, the Studio Sync wireless speaker system can allow two 60-watt speakers. It’s made to make you groove with its clear sound performance.

If this article helped you at any level, we would be glad to give you a space on our plate. Happy cooking (and grooving)!

Your Guide To The Top 5 Wireless Speakers To Decorate Your Kitchen

RankImageSpeakerPriceRatingFind Lowest Price
#1Logitech UE Boom SpeakerLogitech UE Boom Speaker$$$8.8
#2iHome Under-Cabinet SpeakeriHome Under-Cabinet Speaker$$$7.2
#3Williams-Sonoma Smart Tools Bluetooth SpeakerWilliams-Sonoma Smart Tools Bluetooth Speaker$$4.2

 Check on Amazon

#4Sonos Wireless HiFi SpeakerSonos Wireless HiFi Speaker$$$9.0

 Check on Amazon

#5Lewis Hyman 9501110 Studio SyncLewis Hyman 9501110 Studio Sync$$6.4

The 5 Best Wireless Speakers with Built In Charging Docks

Emma (Natalie Portman) and Adam (Ashton Kutcher) tried to be ‘just friends’ in the movie, No Strings Attached. Jamie (Mila Kunis) and Dylan (Justine Timberlake) also tried the same setup in Friends With Benefits. But both efforts were to no avail.

The scenarios are familiar. Some people like to get what they want minus the hassles that ‘attachments’ may bring.

Good news! In real life, crashing out ‘attachment’ can also mean getting what you want.

The Docking Speakers has it. Direct amplification of your device while charging is made easy.

What exactly are Docking Speakers?

Docking Speakers aka ‘Speaker Docks’ give out two advantages.

They allow cableless connection of most devices to let you enjoy your music. In the process, your device is charging.

You just position your device on the charging dock and presto! You’re solved with your audio-streaming and charging needs!

Today, various manufacturers cater the need of dock speakers for the Android users. The specs might differ from one model to another.

Docking Speakers Hot Picks

Manufacturers have been going bananas since Apple released the concept of eliminating cables in connecting iPods to audio systems. Now, users can choose from the thousands of designs for Docking Speakers. Save yourself from the hassle of picking which is which. Check out our detailed tally of the best Docking Speakers!

1. Jarre Technologies AeroBull

You don’t need to be a dog lover to love this. Meet your new best friend, The AeroBull.

Don’t get confused with AeroBull’s looks. It’s not wearing sunglasses for anything.

The speakers sit behind those funky shades. And the remote control? You wouldn’t look at bones the same way again.

It has 2.1 speaker system. This factor means that it has two stereo speakers plus a subwoofer. It also allows 20 Watts of power. Whoa! This bulldog-shaped speaker could excite feisty barking!

You might want to pet it for a job well done. The docking station rests on the AeroBull’s head, and it supports all current generation iDevices.

If your device only supports the old 30-pin protocol, it’s advisable that you secure a suitable adapter.

AeroBull’s Bluetooth spec follows the current trend. It can support high-resolution aptX streaming.

Though AeroBull’s glory is fixed with its sleek wireless capacity, it also welcomes wired audio connections for TV, DVD and much more.

Also, you can maximize its speakers’ capacity by positioning its tail (subwoofer) towards the corner of your room.

The AeroBull may not be able to wag its tail, but it emits enough friendly vibes for your favored iDevices.

Find Lowest Price on Amazon

2. Parrot Zikmu

This model isn’t some animal, and it’s not your typical caged parrot.

This Parrot comes various colors and supports WiFi and Bluetooth. Although Bluetooth doesn’t support aptX, a codec that helps achieve CD-quality audio, it’s capable of Near Field Communication (NFC). This factor is good news for Android devices. You can just place an Android device on the speaker and poof! It’ll be paired for Bluetooth streaming.

It’s almost true that expensive wireless speakers come with exceptional qualities. But this Parrot speaker missed installing 8-pin lightning design to this model. It still clings the old 30-pin. This quality calls for some improvisation.

Find Lowest Price on Amazon

3. Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air

Powered with 150 Watts, Zeppelin Air promotes richer and music full of life. Packed with Centre subwoofer, two midrange drivers, and two tweeters, it’s close to being a proper A/V setup.

Its dock is known for its support for all current iPlayers, but it also boasts of capacity to function as an Airplay speaker. Posh wireless streaming at your fingertips.

4. Sony RDP XA900IP

Sony can be the King Midas of this electronic age. Almost everything it touches turns into gold. The Sony RDP XA900IP is one of its treasures.

Driven with two main speakers plus two subwoofers, it speaks volumes. It also has Acoustic Ports that produce a better bass response.

Sony uses some of their phase-alignment Digital Signal Processing (DSP) through its S-Master Digital Amplifier.
This factor allows the Sony RDP XA900IP to perform a wide variety of signal operations.

Audiophiles may like the Sony RDP XA900IP capacity to support Bluetooth playback and even low-res streaming sites like Sirius, Pandora, etc.

Find Lowest Price on Amazon

5. Soundfreaq SoundStep

This model is list’s only speaker dock that runs on rechargeable batteries. You can take it anywhere it needs to be and enjoy its pleasantly full music for about seven hours of playback time.

With its 2 x 2” main drivers and a 3” bass woofer, it may qualify as a mini 2.1 speaker system.

Soundreaq allows various connectivity.

It has a lightning dock for your iDevices and supports Bluetooth streaming. Also, it allows FM radio with the use of the Soundfreaq app. Inputs from external sources are even allowed through mini-jack.

The Soundfreaq SoundStep comes with a remote control. It’s notable that this model includes USB ports for charging other handhelds including the remote. It has its spot underneath the base unit. Your remote control doesn’t have to be lost in the couch where it doesn’t belong.

Docking Audio Quality Vs. AirPlay And Bluetooth Wireless

You’ve heard your options for wireless connections and docking experience. You might be wondering why ‘dock’ when you can just go wirelessly.

AirPlay, as Apple’s proprietary wireless protocol, is lossless. It allows not only hi-res audio but also video content. You can cling to your iDevice all you want while enjoying your favorite jam.

Bluetooth, compared to AirPlay, is a losing bet. In this case, if you can’t stream through AirPlay, you might want to opt for the dock port since it sounds way better than Bluetooth alone.

There’s always an upgrade in the electronic world. Specific specs will come and go. Your choice of docking speakers depends on your needs and ability to acquire one.

If you think these docking speakers are great options, tell us about your experience! We’d be glad to hear from you.

Your Guide To The Best Wireless Speakers With Built In Charging Docks

RankImageSpeakerPriceRatingFind Lowest Price
#1Jarre Technologies AeroBullJarre Technologies AeroBull$$$10.0

 Check on Amazon

#2Parrot ZikmuParrot Zikmu$$$6.0

 Check on Amazon

#3Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin AirBowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air$$$8.0
#4Sony RDP XA900IPSony RDP XA900IP$$$7.4

 Check on Amazon

#5Soundfreaq SoundStepSoundfreaq SoundStep$$7.8

The 4 Most Expensive Wireless Speakers You Can Buy

Maybe you have a lot of cash that you don’t know what to do with it anymore. Or you’re someone who wonders how the most expensive wireless speakers in the market sound. We have put together a list of wireless speakers that cost a big chunk of change to have. Each wireless speaker has unique functions that make them very expensive to buy.

These high priced wireless speakers will no doubt bring the wow factor not only because of their price, but because of the quality and performance of the bass and sound quality.

Like anything you get in life, the more expensive the speaker is, the more depth the sound will have.

The sound will indeed blow your mind (like the price). There’s nothing wrong with setting high standards with these wireless speakers with a hefty price tag. You may be a professional sound mixer, or throw raging weekend parties in your Malibu mansion. Whatever the reason, if you are going to be purchasing an expensive wireless speaker, you are a music lover.

There may be more expensive custom built speakers than the ones on our list, but we made sure these wireless speakers all come from an actual speaker company and are available to the public.

The Top 4 Expensive Wireless Speakers

– $799.00 MSRP

For a whooping $800, you can get yourself the Beoplay A6 by Band & Olufsen. It’s one expensive luxury wireless speaker, but B&O will surely not disappoint you with the money spent on it. This pricy wireless speaker will fill your room with a high-quality audio that only Bang & Olufsen can produce. It has a sophisticated design that’ll match any interior design of any household room.

Just place this wireless speaker in one corner of the room, or hang it in a wall bracket and you will get an excellent music experience. It comes with interchangeable covers in different colors. The covers are crafted from premium Kvadrat wool-blend furniture fabric. The Kvadrat fabric is one of the reasons why this wireless speaker is so expensive.

The great sound performance comes from almost every area of the speaker. It has five channel speakers. There are two woofers, one 60-watt class D for full range and two tweeters.

With just one touch of magic in the touch interface (on the top of the sound system) and you can manage your audio settings. Or you can control it using your smartphone or any connected device using the Beoplay application. It’s available on Android and iOS.

To play songs wirelessly, connect via Bluetooth, Chromecast, AirPlay, WiFi or DLNA. It doesn’t have a built-in battery, so it needs a power supply. There’s a power cable included in the package. If you are in the market to spend a big amount on a wireless speaker set, the Beoplay A6 should be in your portfolio of options.

To play songs wirelessly, connect via Bluetooth, Chromecast, AirPlay, WiFi or DLNA. It doesn’t have a built-in battery, so it needs a power supply. There’s a power cable included in the package.

Find Lowest Price on Amazon

2. Naim Mu-So Reference Wireless Music System – $1349.00 MSRP

Naim, a British company, has been known in making audiophile components and their first wireless music system is the Mu-So. The Naim Mu-So wireless speaker music system won’t disappoint any audiophile professional because it has everything that an audiophile need, including the price. Listen to Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, and you’ll undoubtedly hear the small percussion. That’s how good this wireless system is. You’ll listen to the most intricate audio details you can hardly hear in ordinary cheaper wireless speakers.

It has 450 watts of power through the six custom-designed speakers (75-watts each speaker). This wireless speaker system delivers a full, detailed sound despite the genre of the music played. It’s housed in a wooden cabinet wrapped in anodized aluminum with an acrylic base. The design is meant for optimum acoustic performance without any traces of distortion.

The Naim Mu-So wireless speaker music system uses a few simple and reliable wireless connection methods. Connect your music wirelessly through Bluetooth, AirPlay, Spotify Connect, Internet Radio or TIDAL. You can also play through USB or UPnP (Universal Plug `n’ Play).

This extremely expensive wireless speaker also has an alarm clock feature. Just find the settings in the Naim application. Download the application to maximize your music entertainment through Mu-So.

Find Lowest Price on Amazon

3. BeoPlay A9 – $2,699.00 MSRP

Another expensive wireless speaker from Bang & Olufsen is the Beoplay A9 wireless home speaker. The Beoplay A9 can fill a room with the signature B&O sound. It’s delicately crafted like a piece of furniture in your home to add to its interior design. Let it stand in one corner or mount it on a wall. Just like the A6, this speaker’s interchangeable covers are also developed by Kvadrat for some wool-blend caps. The premium fabric delivers an acoustic transparency and superior aesthetics.

The Beoplay A9 has everything in it. Beautiful design, excellent craftsmanship, and incredible audio performance in one package. Another notable feature of this speaker is the touch interface. You can either swap or tap the touch interface to adjust the volume levels and other audio settings.

The pricy Beoplay A9 gives off a sturdy sound quality that’ll pump up every music aficionado out there. It features a 480-watt amplifier system. It has separate amps for every five built-in speaker units. You can hear every audio detail the way your favorite artists want you to listen to it. The sound production automatically changes according to its position in your room.

To wirelessly stream your well-loved playlist, connect the speaker and an audio source through Bluetooth, AirPlay or DLNA. It has also integrated streaming services for you to play music the more natural way. It has access to several streaming services like Spotify and Pandora.

Find Lowest Price on Amazon

4. Devialet Phantom Gold – $2,990.00 MSRP

To wrap up our expensive list, we have an almost $3000 wireless speaker, the Devialet Phantom Gold. Implosive, you don’t get that much of an adjective in wireless speakers. For its music performance, you’d think you’re playing from a 12-inch subwoofer. But sorry to burst your bubble, the implosive sound comes from this not-so-big wireless speaker that’s sure to blow your mind. With a price like that, it should blow your mind, or it won’t be worth it.

The Devialet Phantom Gold wireless speaker has a 22-carat Rose Gold finish. It looks so elegant and is just worthy of its price.

This intelligently-made speaker is made in the country of France. They promised a zero distortion, and that’s what you’ll get with this speaker. It produces a sound quality that’s optimized in a revolutionary process from Devialet’s brilliant engineers. Imagine a 4500-watt of power and a 108 dB physical compact. You’ll feel you’re inside a concert venue when playing music from this speaker. Play some upbeat songs, and you’ll feel the thumping bass response. The bass is produced on the sides of the speaker, and it crazily vibrates as it emits that powerful bass.

Let the best music enter your home with this speaker without much of wires. Use WiFi, AirPlay, Ethernet, and Bluetooth connections to play your music seamlessly. Connect from your smartphone, tablet, computer, and TV without any problem.

Want an even more critical sound? Connect another Devialet Phantom Gold speaker in one same speaker, and you’re about to call it a day. Your money with Devialet is never going to waste with its audio performance and elegant design.

Find Lowest Price on Amazon

So Who Buys Expensive Wireless Speakers

The average person doesn’t have thousands of dollars to spend on wireless speakers if they can purchase a quality speaker set for under a couple of hundred dollars. So who exactly are these companies marketing too then? Someone who wants to fill their massive house with music probably can afford to drop money on a speaker set, mainly since it can be wireless.

Celebrities, athletes, and executive businessman all are the demographic for these companies. Unfortunately, the public probably won’t even glance an eye at these speakers. Like anything, you get what you pay for.

Your Guide To The Most Expensive Wireless Speakers You Can Buy

RankImageSpeakerPriceRatingFind Lowest Price
#1Beoplay A6 is consided an expensive wireless speakerBeoplay A6$$$8.8

 Check on Amazon

#2 the expensive Naim Mu-So Reference Wireless Speaker Music System
Naim Mu-So Reference Wireless Music System$$$8.8

 Check on Amazon

#3Beoplay A9 has a pricy tagBeoplay A9$$$7.4

 Check on Amazon

#4Devialet Phantom Gold is one expensive wireless speakerDevialet Phantom Gold$$$7.8

 Check on Amazon


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Egmy Newest Fashion Aosd Plasma Lightning Ball Lamp Speaker Review

Table of Contents:

If you want something exquisite, you better try Egmy’s newest fashion Aosd Plasma lightning ball lamp mini wireless Bluetooth speaker. It’s a wireless speaker with plasma lightning ball lamp at the top. You can use this wireless speaker when you throw a witch-themed party. Act like a fortune teller with this one. That would be fun, but of course, you can use it on ordinary days as well.


Egmy Newest Fashion Aosd Plasma Lightning Ball Lamp Speaker Review Egmy
Egmy Newest Fashion Aosd Plasma Lightning Ball Lamp Speaker
Our rating: 9.1/10
If you want something exquisite, you better try Egmy’s newest fashion Aosd Plasma lightning ball lamp.
Find Lowest Price on Amazon

The Aosd plasma lightning ball lamp emits a light that dances with the music’s beat. As you increase the volume level of the speaker, the light intensifies.

The plasma lightning ball adds an extra kick to your music experience. The overall appearance of this wireless speaker is vague and straightforward. The buttons are placed neatly so you can easily reach them. These buttons help you adjust the volume and track settings.

Sound Quality

Aside from its attractive design, it can give you a surround music experience as well. Entertain yourself with its harmonious audio quality that can play any genre of music. The frequency response is 10HZ – 20KHZ.


There are several ways to enjoy this wireless speaker. You can use the Bluetooth connection with its Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR version technology. You won’t need any wires hanging around. Pairing Bluetooth devices with this wireless speaker are stress-free. Just turn on the speaker and find the wireless speaker on your Bluetooth device. Pair them instantly and enjoy!

Alternatively, you can play music by the 3.5mm jack to connect non-Bluetooth audio gadgets. Got a micro-SD card with songs in it? There’s a TF card slot in the wireless speaker so you can play songs from the SD card.

The Egmy newest fashion Aosd Plasma lightning ball lamp mini wireless Bluetooth speaker includes a USB data cable. You can connect the speaker via this cable to a laptop or power adapter to supply power and turn it on.

For an inexpensive wireless speaker (around $30), this surely is a big catch. You can enjoy great music amplified with a beating light coming from the plasma ball. There’s no preventing you from having a pleasant time with this wireless speaker.


The speaker has an interesting design. I can’t cite any other wireless speaker that has a plasma ball at the top. The music quality was excellent. It was easy to use as well.

Product Comparison


  • Egmy Newest Fashion Aosd Plasma Lightning Ball Lamp Speaker

  • DimensionDimension
  • WeightWeight
  • BatteryBattery
  • Battery LifeBattery Life
  • CableCable
  • Charging TimeCharging Time
  • ManufacturerManufacturer
  • OriginOrigin
  • PricePrice

  • Dimension102 x 96 x 200 mm
  • WeightRechargeable Battery
  • Battery
  • Battery Life
  • CableIncluded
  • Charging Time
  • ManufacturerEgmy
  • Origin
  • Price$

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