This year, 2022, is also the release of the latest devices in the market. For Philips Sounds Sport Series, they’ll release earbuds and portable speakers. This article will tell you what we currently know about the A4807 model so far. Since there is no release date yet, it’ll be best if you keep yourself updated for fuller reviews!

Philips Sound Sport Series 2022: A4807’s DESIGN and FEATURES

The A4807’s design is almost the same as the S7807, albeit smaller than the latter. If the S7807 can give you 24 hours of playtime, the A4807 offers you half of it. The speaker can give you 12 hours of playtime with 10W output power.

The A4807 has a 20mm tweeter and a mid/bass driver that measures 45mm, plus two passive radiators. The speaker has a rugged rubber material finishing for its controls. Of course, the device is also rectangular, just like the S7807 model.

With the A4807, you can have seamless pairing with its Bluetooth Connectivity of 5.2. There’s also a feature for hands-free calling and Voice Assistants such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. You can also pair the two models together if you want a bigger, mightier sound.

The only obvious difference between the two models is that the A4807 model can’t function as a charging port. If you look at the battery life, it only makes sense as to why.

As for the speaker’s sound quality and price, we have yet to do a review about that. There’s still no specific date on its release, so please stay tuned for a complete review in a few months!