Samsung to Launch Smart Speaker with ‘Bixby’ in 2018 to Compete

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Samsung Bixby Smart Speakers

What’s to be expected at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2018?

Guess it’s worth a wait for Samsung to launch smart speaker with ‘Bixby’ in 2018 to compete with other AI speakers. Samsung’s ‘Bixby’ powered smart speaker will be revealed at the CES 2018.

The smart speaker is described to be coming in both “Wireless 360-Degree Audio” style and “All-in-One Soundbar” style for the television.

There’ll be an improvement for this competitive speaker with the multi-room capability of the Wireless 360-Degree Audio. Moreover, the incredible, low-pitched sound quality of the All-in-One Soundbar gives the company confidence to offer a powerful surround sound and a super easy to use smart speaker.

The wireless speaker powered by Bixby will put its user to a different level of Internet of Things (IoT) experience. They wanted to improve their customer’s satisfaction and enhance their product’s usability by using a highly intelligible voice-assistant. The speaker device will upgrade and learn by itself new things rather than just perform tasks with voice commands. Currently, Bixby is continuously learning different circumstances based on its interaction with its users. It’ll also provide an outstanding voice recognition feature. Bixby will give an individual account to each family member as it’s capable of recognizing different voices.

Samsung Electronics has introduced Bixby to two of their known products which are the Family Hub Refrigerator and the Galaxy S8. But they’re carefully working to set up a very interactive society with their future products. They plan to incorporate the utilization of AI speakers not only to any electronic device but also extend its usage to automobiles, as well as medical and financial systems. Bixby is as of now associated with Samsung Pay and Samsung Pass. They’re an identity management service which uses biometric authentication. With Bixby and added features, the users will be able to safely and conveniently operate their cars, use banking services, or make medical appointments.

Imagine a whole new society where the physical and virtual worlds merge and interact with each other. The future is here, and Samsung won’t be behind with technology.


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