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Surround sound systems are popular nowadays. People love the convenience of getting a cinema-like experience without visiting the particular cinema. The primary surround sound systems appeared during the 1980s, but they became popular within the 2000s. Plenty of technological innovations and enhancements in audio and television equipment made it possible for normal people to own their small house systems.

If you’re bored with all the cables lying randomly everywhere in your house and you’re trying to find a hassle-free surround system for your home theater, the most useful thing you’ll be able to do is to explore wireless.

Entertainment is the pinnacle in every household. Great graphics just won’t cut it. You need to have excellent audio quality too. Superb audio is a determinant factor.

Our list of the most effective surrounds sound systems in 2021 design to understand all the important stuff you must comprehend and make the most effective possible choice that supported your needs and budget.

This surround speaker is where the best wireless surround systems come into play. However, the question now is what the best surround sound systems are? That is why we are here, so we picked up the best in accordance to categories:

What We Recommend

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Our Top Pick: Orb Audio Mod1X

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How We Picked and Tested?

Products featured here were done by our professionals, searching for products to test, carefully compared, and picked the best one. That’s why we came up with a comprehensive list of the best surround sound capabilities you can find in the market.


Find out what your TV supports and consider what other devices you want to connect. Ports have an important role, and this is where having multiple inputs come in handy. Options are nice, but it can be a big difference in sound quality.

Audio Format

The Audio format is also crucial; make sure all your devices support the same audio formats before you plugin. The audio puts on an accent on more information and augments the entire soundstage’s presence as a whole


It’s not for avoiding messy and tangled wires or drill holes in your wall. Most systems offer wireless options like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (or both). Connectivity to Wi-Fi means syncing up with services like voice control, airplay, and of course, adding other speakers. Syncing the rest of your smart home can be easy too.


When it comes to sound quality, you can search in the market for many technical specifications. But It would help if you were searching for wide or maybe not perfect frequency response but rather on something with the bass emphasis that should go low and high as possible.

Who is this for?

We gather the list for anyone who wants something stronger than a pair of small built-in TV speakers. We agree that bringing the movie theater experience into your living room is a great idea. Products like these surprise people with the powerful performance they get. Extras are nice, but it’s best to keep your eyes, ears, and on the prize: sound quality.

1. For the Budget Conscious: Samsung HW-K470 4.1 Channel

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Key Features:

  • Immersive Surround Sound
  • Enjoy a clutter-free Home Entertainment System
  • Surround Sound Expansion
  • Samsung Audio Remote App
  • Connect Wirelessly
  • Wireless Subwoofer

If you don’t want to spend much on a good wireless surround system, this is the best option. The Samsung HW-K470 4.1 Channel is a Bluetooth powered 4.1-channel soundbar. It also comes in with a wireless subwoofer that extends dynamic and rich bass for better audio quality.

This 35-inch 460-watt soundbar synchronizes with the SWA-8000s kit speakers for rear wireless surround sound. The Samsung HW-K470 has two front-facing speakers and two side facing. It allows the audio to surround your living room. What more is that you can control wirelessly from a Samsung Audio Remote App for easy audio adjustment.


2. For the AudioPhile: ELAC Debut Series 5.1

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Key Features:

  • PL-200 driven by an audiophile state-of-the-art BASH amplifier capable of delivering up to 1000-watts dynamic peak output
  • Front-Firing 12-inch Long-Throw Powered Subwoofer with state-of-the-art BASH amplifier
  • Adjustable Crossover
  • Adjustable volume control
  • Automatic signal sensing
  • High-level inputs

If you’re the type who doesn’t mind ‘investing’ in a great surround system with an audiophile by heart, then the ELAC Debut Series 5.1 is the one for you.

The ELAC Debut Series delivers the same or close quality to the audios at a theater. This wireless surround system offers some of the best features and bass response because of its built-in high-frequency driver and woven woofer. The Debut F5 Series 5.1 also provides some of the genuine floor-standing performance matched with an attractive style, quality build, and custom drivers. This soundbar never disappoints in delivering crisp and clear sound for your entertainment.

Whether you aim to build a formidable two-channel or surround-sound system for music and wireless home theater speakers, there isn’t a more capable performer for anywhere near the price.

3. For those who want to Splurge: Definitive Technology Pro Cinema 800 wireless home theater system

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Key Features:

  • Clear, high definition performance from exclusive BDSS drivers
  • 300-watt powered subwoofer for high impact bass
  • Pressure-coupled mid/bass radiators create a warm, rich low end
  • Huge speaker sound from the shelf or wall-mounted satellite and center speakers

If you’re the one who thinks that quality is equivalent to price, then this is the one for you. The Definitive Technology Pro Cinema 800 is a definitive choice if you would go for low-key expensive.

This wireless surround system has detail-rich audio while preserving soundtrack fidelity and hearing the simultaneous effects meant to be heard and enjoyed. The central channel loudspeaker plays as much as 75 percent of the film’s soundtrack, making it probably the most significant speaker in a home theater system.

The ProCinema 800 System is a 6-piece wireless home theater system incorporating 4 identical easy-to-place ProMonitor 800 satellite speakers. The 300-watt subwoofer paired with the center speaker and satellites can create an excellent individual performance, but they form a powerhouse together.

4. For Quality and Aesthetics Lovers: Orb Audio Mod1X

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Orb Advantages:

  • Handmade in the USA
  • Ultra-High Output
  • Works With Any Amp
  • Easy to Hide and Set-Up
  • Works with Sonos, Fire TV, Roku
  • Free Customer Support

True to its brand name, Orb Audio believes that the rounder the aesthetics of a speaker, the better quality. Aside from being a decor-friendly surround system, the Orb Audio Mod1X features an adjustable crossover from 40 to 160Hz and a 200-watt amplifier with 450-watt peak power. This soundbar is quite a powerhouse.

The Orb Audio Mod1X also allows the user an upgrade opportunity by connecting additional speakers to each channel resulting in fuller high and mid-range frequencies.

So do you think that we made the best decision in choosing the best surround sound speakers? Let us know if we missed something. Our black and white wireless home theater speakers are finished in an automotive quality powder coating.

5. For Best Movie Nights: JBL 5.1 Bar

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  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • JBL SoundShift
  • 4K Connectivity
  • Works with your TV Remote
  • Detachable, battery-powered
  • 510W power
  • Thrilling bass from a 10″ (250mm) Subwoofer

JBL 5.1 Bar joins this list as it’s the only wireless surround speaker offering battery-powered surround speakers. It features two surround speakers detached from the soundbar. You have the freedom to put the surround speakers anywhere since the bar recharges the speakers. After charging, no need to plug it!

Every full charge means having 10 hours of excellent audio quality that will keep you tapping your feet or even dance the night away! Just attach the speakers to the soundbar, and it will automatically start charging.

JBL 5.1’s has a three-channel soundbar equipped with nine drivers; six midrange drivers (2-1/4″) and three tweeters (1-1/4″). Dolby® Digital and DTS® decoding. Wireless home theater speakers system for an epic movie and music–listening experience.

JBL 5.1 is undeniably one of the best surround speakers for movie nights! Enjoy an ultimate all-wireless movie experience.

Wireless Surround Sound Speakers Guide

Before you buy a wireless surround sound system, you must know the factors to consider these elements that you may not expect. We all know that wireless surround sound systems are expensive, so make sure you have enough budget. Keep in mind that surround sound systems are not free wires. Depending on the course, you might need to plug into a power outlet or connect to a subwoofer. While you do get rid of most of the wired surrounding sound systems have, you won’t be completely wire-free, so keep this in mind when thinking of the room’s layout and proximity of available power.

Consideration in buying a wireless surround sound system for your home

Sound Quality

The sound quality for a surround sound system is dependent on technical specifications that include frequency response and other aspects. To make it understand, let’s categorize between Bluetooth and WiFi.

  • Bluetooth wireless surround sound system – since Bluetooth technology allows audio data to compress before it can be transmitted, it has a lower sound quality. This data compression reduces the sound quality because even if the speakers you use can produce very high-quality sound, the transmitting process will reduce their overall capacity.
  • WiFi wireless surround system – They may not have the same limitations on their transmissions, meaning that audio data can be transmitted in its original form and scale while retaining its consistency.

Volume Capacity

The volume produced by a wireless surround sound system is measure in decibels (dB), but to indicate maximum volume capacity, many audio system manufacturers use watts (W). The full range of most wireless surround sound systems is between 100 and 120 dB (or 64 to 600W). However, bear in mind that most individuals leave a concert with ringing ears, so you probably never have to drive your wireless surround sound device to its maximum volume.

The benefits of owning a surround sound system with wireless

A perfect way to get the cinema experience into your home is to own a wireless surround sound device. The basic 5.1 configurations would increase the sound quality of the television, allowing you more accurate sound and better control over the volume. This setup often sends sound waves from the right and left sides to your ears, enveloping you with sound. With most streaming services using 5.1 audio quality, you can finally hear your favorite movie or television show.

Wireless also ensures that you won’t have to deal with cords and cables that need to run through your floor, ceiling, or walls when you add your new surround sound system. Although there are still some cables attached to AC power, the wireless switch significantly reduces the complexity of the setup and makes the room look cleaner.

  • You can completely immerse yourself in the immersive experience with a wireless surround sound device, like being in a movie theater, just inside your own home.
  • With a 5.1 speaker setup that suits media audio quality performance, you can get the most out of your favorite streaming platform or app.
  • Wireless means you’re not going to have to deal with the same cable mess that would have a wired surround sound system.

FAQs About Your New Wireless Surround Sound System

How does a wireless surround audio system work?

A series of wireless surround sound systems connect to a central hub, typically the soundbar or center speaker that comes with the device. The speakers’ attachment is always wireless, but only the subwoofer is genuinely wireless in certain systems, and the speakers connect again to the hub. Signals pass through the central hub and the speakers so that your ears simultaneously absorb sound waves from every corner of the building.

Are wireless home theater systems as good as wired systems?

Without linking back to the main system, wireless surround sound systems equal the standard of wired versions and allow you the freedom to position your speakers. Suppose you invest in a low-quality wireless surround sound system. In that case, however, there is a risk that your home’s smartphones, microwaves, and other technology will cause interference and degrade the sound’s quality.

How do I connect my TV to a wireless home theater system?

Wireless surround sound systems must wire to your television’s compatible audio outputs. The HDMI Audio Return Channel allows most systems to link through (HDMI ARC). If that is not possible, you can also communicate with an optical TOSLINK connection or coaxial connection. However, since it is not compatible with surround sound capabilities, you can not set up the device with an analog audio output on the television.

What do wireless speakers mean?

Bear in mind that only signal transmission without wires is alluded to by the word “wireless” Wireless speakers also need power, and no one has found out how to transfer energy securely (yet). Few fully wireless battery-powered speakers need to recharge regularly, but most also need to be wired to a power outlet.

What is WiSA?

Normally, in a discussion of 5.1 home theater, you wouldn’t see the word WiSA. It stands for Wireless Speaker and Audio Association and is the name of a technology, not just an organization. Like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or Play-Fi, the technology allows various audio components to connect. Specifically, design for practically latency-free audio transmission is super important if you’re watching a movie or series. Why are we now considering it? And in the future, you are going to be hearing a lot more about it. They would need to transmit audio directly to speakers as smart TVs become more ingrained in our lives. That’s where it comes to WiSA. It’s a tested, current technology to transfer audio over short distances wirelessly, and this year, we think it’s going to be everywhere. There are no systems on our list right now that use WiSA, but they’re probably on the way.


When building a home theater system, one of the first choices you have to make is choosing a collection of speakers. The speakers you select depend on what sort of device, either stereo or surround. Whether you are trying to create something bigger for your room, where here to save you time, we have broken down all the types of Surround Sound Speakers and recommended one package of each of them.

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