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Music players have evolved quite dramatically over the years. One of the most remarkable advancements is the invention of Bluetooth or wireless speakers. Now, rolling wireless and smart connections into one.

Competition for the best music players is becoming tough. Manufacturers design Bluetooth for several means: music, fashion, and portability.

One of the comfortable features of wireless speakers with USB flash drive compatibility. Curious to know what products are in for grabs? Then, please read on to know more!

How We Picked and Tested has a team of experts ready to test their hearts out on different products that would fit into several categories that you might be interested in. Our audiophile experts searched through the best-reviewed wireless speakers with USB flash drives considering their audio quality, data transfer speeds, compact design, functionality, features, and best prices. As we tested different wireless smart speakers, we picked the top Bluetooth speakers with the best USB flash drives compatibility.

Who Is This For

Everyone wants to experience highly functional and ultra-modern technology for everything in today’s more fast-paced existence. And if you enjoy listening to music on the go through portable speakers at a loud volume, we have the right solution for you. You should acquire the greatest compact speakers with USB input if you want to enjoy high-quality audio. The USB input makes charging more convenient, even when music is being streamed at the same time.

It also allows you to connect any device to your Bluetooth speakers via a USB connection, making it a quick and simple plug-and-play choice. You also have the option of using a USB disc to stream your favorite songs. These speakers are lightweight and easy to transport to wherever you’re going, making them ideal for any outing or travel. They’re outfitted with cutting-edge technology that boosts bass and mid-range power for improved audio quality, filling the room with powerful and clear sound. Furthermore, these speakers’ user-friendly Bluetooth technology is a major advantage.

Best Wireless Speakers with Best Flash Drives Compatibility

Here are our top four best wireless speakers with USB flash drive compatibility. In no particular order, of course.

1. Pyle PBMSPG50 Street Vibe

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Pyle created the Street Vibe in tribute to boomboxes. You won’t only enjoy quality sound but also its other features. This wireless speaker has Bluetooth and NFC wireless pairing capability. With a lightweight and 2-channel system including FM Radio, Digital LCD Display, AUX (3.5mm) Input, EQ Presets, and more. You can enjoy music listening even without the presence of wireless connectivity with the added feature of USB and Micro SD drive readers.

2. Sharp GX-BT9X

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Sharp is an established brand of appliances and music players. They aren’t just superb but are also innovative. The Sharp GX-BT9X isn’t any exemption from that rule. The high-performance sound is attributed to the 100W total RMS, Bass Boost feature, and Bluetooth with NFC pairing features.

Other features of the Sharp GX-BT9X include a USB input where you can play your favorite tracks. The wireless speaker also has a guitar jack where you can play guitar acoustics, a mic terminal with individual-level controls, and an AUX input. Now, that’s over the top!

3. Sony ZSRS60BT

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Sony is also another household name for sound and play technologies. For those who want to experience the oldies but with all the latest connectivity features then this wireless speaker is the one for you.

The Sony ZSRS60BT has CD, CD-R/RW, USB, and MP3 playback features. You can stream music wirelessly with Bluetooth and NFC, too. Enjoy your music with its MEGA BASS sound enhancement and play for up to 26 hours.

4. Sharp GX-BT7

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The Sharp GX-BT7 is another over-the-top quality wireless speaker created by Sharp with a sleek, and eye-catching design. Equipped with 20W RMS output power plus a dual active subwoofer, this wireless speaker makes sure that you won’t be short of entertainment.

Connect to your music in many ways with portable devices like the Sharp GX-BT7. You can sync it with your Apple or Android devices for wireless playback via Bluetooth, or via NFC pairing technology. Worried about your phone’s battery life? Store your music files on a USB flash drive and just plug the USB stick into the speaker.

Commonly Asked Questions About Wireless Speakers with USB Flash Drive

Is it possible to plug a USB into a speaker?

Yes, you can insert a USB drive into some speakers. They’re constructed with a built-in USB connector that you may use to charge the speakers. Some speakers, on the other hand, support USB streaming and playback. Connect the USB cord to your device and the other end to the USB port on the speakers. You can also charge and listen to your favorite songs at the same time.

What are USB speakers, and how do they work?

Other speaker systems work in a somewhat different way than USB speakers. They don’t use the same audio drivers as regular speakers to play audio; instead, they rely on the system’s USB drivers. They have an integrated sound card that allows them to function without using an external audio driver. As a result, they’re a superb replacement alternative for any broken or inoperable sound card.

Is USB audio superior to aux?

An AUX input transmits analog signals, whereas USB (Universal Serial Bus) connectors send digital data to any device. Now, while converting the audio, this digital-to-digital transfer enables higher audio quality without any loss. However, because the AUX sends analog signals, another device must convert them to digital signals before you can hear them. There will be little information loss or distortion as a result of this. USB cables deliver data to a computer, whereas AUX wires transmit audio to an amplifier or headphones. When you play audio from both inputs simultaneously, you’ll notice a change in sound quality, with USB sounding far better.

What are the different types of USB ports used in Bluetooth speakers?

The USB ports on different Bluetooth speakers are different. Micro USB charging connections are found on older portable Bluetooth speakers. Others have changed it with a USB C port charging connector, which is faster. Aside from charging the speaker, some speakers offer conventional USB Type-A connectors that can be used to charge other devices or enter a USB flash drive memory stick and stream music directly from it.


There are many Portable Speakers with USB Input on the market, but we’ve compiled a selection of the best ones. The sound quality of these speakers is great, with robust and rich bass. They’re made easy to plug and play using the USB port.

These speakers are lightweight and portable, allowing you to take them wherever you go. They make it easier to connect to any device via Bluetooth and AUX input, and some of them even support TF and SD cards. With sturdy and long-lasting batteries that are also easily rechargeable, they provide a long playing duration. Furthermore, these are often less expensive without sacrificing sound quality, design, or performance. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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